27 June 2022

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SERVICE - Bombay High Court Orders Reinstatement Of HIV+ve Man As Coast Guard(25.03.2019)

After 14-years, Bombay HC has ordered reinstatement of an HIV positive man who was invalidly discharged on being diagnosed with HIV and tuberculosis.

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SERVICE - Madras HC Directs Reinstatement of Teacher Terminated 22 Years Ago(25.03.2019)

Madras High Court has came to the rescue of a 40-year-old secondary grade teacher whose services were terminated 22 years ago on the ground that her d.....

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Allahabad HC Directs Reinstatement of Home Guard Sacked for Being Homosexual(10.02.2021)

Allahabad High Court has directed reinstatement of a home guard who had been sacked on the charge of “indecency” on the basis of a video in which he w.....

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SC: Reinstatement with Full Back Wages Not Automatic in Every Case(21.09.2021)

Supreme Court has reiterated that reinstatement with full back wages is not automatic in every case, where termination / dismissal is found to be not .....

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Delhi HC: Reinstatement Not Matter of Right Where Acquittal is Not Honourable(14.02.2022)

Delhi High has observed that reinstatement in public service cannot flow as a matter of right where the acquittal of such person is not an honourable .....

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Madras HC Directs CRPF to Reinstate Constable Who Failed to Fire During Militant Attack(02.03.2020)

Madras High Court has granted relief to a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) constable who failed to open fire during a militant attack in Manipur in.....

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International Cases

Court can make an order relieving a person from civil liability for a broad range of contraventions if the person concerned acted honestly and no substantial injustice is caused to any person(15.07.2021)

In facts of present case, on 13 May 2021, the Plaintiff, Jit Sun Investments Pte Ltd (Jit Sun Investments), filed an originating process seeking order.....

Tags : Deregistered Company, Reinstatement, Registration


SC Directs Madhya Pradesh HC to Reinstate Woman Judge Who Made Sexual Harassment Allegations(13.02.2020)

Supreme Court has directed the Madhya Pradesh High Court to consider reinstating a woman judge, claiming only her seniority to be maintained, who had .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Madhya Pradesh High Court, Reinstatement of Woman Judge


Gujarat HC: Employer Liable to Pay Wages to Workman Against Labour Court's Reinstatement Order(20.04.2022)

Gujarat High Court has reiterated that when a Labour Court directs reinstatement of any workman and the employer prefers any proceedings against such .....

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Orissa HC Reinstates Police Constable Terminated 25 Years Ago for Height Deficiency(13.10.2020)

Orissa High Court has directed reinstatement of a police constable who was terminated from service 25 years ago on the ground of deficiency of height .....

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Guj. HC: Workmen Terminated in Violation of Retrenchment Procedure is Entitled to Reinstatement(22.06.2022)

Gujarat High Court has held that where a workman is terminated in violation of the procedure for Retrenchment & Re-Employment provided under Sections .....

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SC Asks Madhya Pradesh HC to Consider Reinstatement of Ex-District Judge(15.07.2020)

Supreme Court has recommended to the Madhya Pradesh High Court to consider the reinstatement of the former Additional District and Sessions Judge from.....

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Once option is given, same cannot be withdrawn, notwithstanding this clause, employees had a right to withdraw offer during validity period but not thereafter(29.08.2016)

Appellant Corporation obtained permission for winding up of appellant’s Corporation due to losses. Considering closure of Corporation, a Scheme called.....

Tags : Voluntary Retirement, Reinstatement, Validity


Mere non-supply of the inquiry report does not automatically warrant reinstatement of the delinquent employee(10.11.2017)

The Respondent was appointed as a driver with the Appellants-Road Transport Corporation. On 27th October, 1995 while driving a vehicle on Karnal-Harid.....

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Regularization by management gives no right to retrenched employee to claim re-employment(02.01.2019)

Present appeal is directed against the final judgment passed by the High Court whereby the Division Bench of the High Court dismissed the appeal filed.....

Tags : Reinstatement, Back wages, Validity


To classify a person employed in an industry as a workman, not only nature of work performed but also terms of appointment in job performed are relevant considerations(18.04.2019)

The Petitioner-Trust has challenged concurrent orders passed by the Labour Court and Industrial Court by filing the present writ petition. It is claim.....

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In case of reinstatement, payment of back wages is not a matter of right(29.06.2020)

Present are two petitions arising out of the impugned award passed by the Presiding Officer, Labour Court by which the Workman was reinstated into ser.....

Tags : Past conduct, Reinstatement, Legality


Reinstatement with full back wages is not automatic in every case of unlawful termination/ dismissal(20.09.2021)

The present appeal has been preferred by the Appellant-Bank against the order passed by High Court quashing the Industrial Tribunal’s order of directi.....

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Where the inquiry is found to be defective, the employer can lead evidence before the authority to prove misconduct(08.12.2021)

The order passed by the High Court is the subject matter of challenge in the present appeal at the instance of the employer whereby the order passed b.....

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Reinstatement cannot flow as a matter of right, when acquittal is not an honourable acquittal(10.02.2022)

The present petition has been filed assailing the order of the Respondent, whereby the Petitioner was dismissed from service under Rule 19(i) of the C.....

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Resignation would be effective on its acceptance, even if the acceptance is not communicated(02.05.2022)

By present writ petition, the Petitioners i.e. the Management and the School have challenged judgment, passed by the School Tribunal, whereby oral ter.....

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Award granting reinstatement should not be passed in the cases of daily rated employees(06.06.2022)

Present petition, filed under Article 227 of the Constitution of India, 1950 challenges the award passed by the Labour Court. The learned advocate for.....

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Every student with disability cannot be expelled without giving further opportunity to attain necessary levels(16.02.2018)

The Petitioner, a physically-disabled student enrolled in M.Sc. Mathematics in Respondent No. 1- Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in academic yea.....

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