20 January 2020

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Government restricts import in ‘others’ category without HSN Code


In a 6th National Standards Conclave, the Union Minister of Commerce & Industry and Railways, Piyush Goyal said that, no imports will be allowed without Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN code) into the country. Commerce & Industry Minister further said that, henceforth there must be zero tolerance for substandard products and services from industry and consumers. Further, Government will support industry in every way to establish standards for Indian goods and services to meet international requirements. In order to establish new era of quality production, mantra of zero defect zero effect is required to be adopted.

HSN code is an international system for the systematic classification of products/commodities. It provides standards to classify traded goods on a common basis for taxation or policy making purposes. Traders are required to mention HS Codes in the Bill of Entry (BoE) while importing goods into the country. Imports in the category of “Others” have increased and as goods falling under this category do not have an HSN code, it is essential to have HSN Code for imports. The Government is committed to establishing standards of Indian products and services to world class levels which will enable exports to be accepted globally due to the quality of goods and services, added the Minister. The new Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act is relooking at all standards for goods and services in order to balance the interest of consumers with that of the industry which will enable the culture of quality to take root in the country and production or import of sub-standard products and services will not be tolerated any longer.

Commerce and Industry Minister urged BIS, FSSAI and other departments of the Government, that are mandated to set up and establish standards, to work in mission mode so that goods and services produced and imported in India meet international quality requirements. This will help India to engage with the world on equal and reciprocal terms. It will help in setting up and upgrading standards to give the best products and services to the consumers and also ensure the protection of the environment.

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