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Criminal Appeal No. 510 of 2019 (Arising out of SLP (Crl.) 2655 of 2019 (Arising out of SLP (Crl.) Dairy No. 29728 of 2018))

Decided On: 15.03.2019

Appellants: Nandlal Vs. Respondent: The State of Maharashtra

Hon'ble Judges/Coram:
R. Banumathi and R. Subhash Reddy


R. Banumathi, J.

1. Leave granted.

2. This appeal arises out of the judgment dated 26.08.2010 passed by the High Court of Bombay at Aurangabad Bench in Criminal Appeal No. 293 of 2008 in and by which the High Court affirmed the conviction of the Appellant Under Section 302 Indian Penal Code read with Section 34 Indian Penal Code and the sentence of life imprisonment imposed upon him. By the same judgment, the High Court acquitted Accused No. 2 and 3-Parshuram and his son-Sanjay respectively.

3. Appellant-Nandlal Baviskar and one Dilip Waman Baviskar are close relatives. In the year 2005, Dilip constructed a common wall in between his premises and the house of the Appellant. As Dilip had incurred total expenses of the construction of wall, he demanded half of the expenses from the Appellant which was refused by him. This became the reason for frequent quarrels between the parties. On 16.05.2006 at around 04:00 PM., there was an exchange of abuse between Dilip, his wife Sakhubai-PW-4 and the Appellant. Ganesh-PW-5-son of Dilip called Gopichand Waman Baviskar-PW-1. Accordingly, Gopichand and his brother Lakhichand (deceased) who was physically disabled went to the house of Dilip and they tried to pacify the situation. In that process, Lakhichand had also abused the Appellant. Being annoyed, the Appellant assaulted Lakhichand with stick on his back. On seeing the said assault on his brother, Gopichand gave a stick blow on the head of the Appellant. The Appellant thereafter went away from the spot to his house and returned back along with Parshuram and his son Sanjay-Accused No. 2 and 3 respectively. At this time, the Appellant was armed with a gupti, while Parshuram was allegedly armed with ballam and Sanjay was armed with a stick. When Gopichand, Dilip and Lakhichand saw the Appellant approaching towards them along with two other persons, having weapons in their hands, it is alleged that Gopichand and Dilip went at one side but because of physical disability, Lakhichand was not quick enough to move. The Appellant attacked Lakhichand with gupti on his left armpit. Parshuram assaulted Lakhichand with ballam; while Sanjay assaulted him with stick. Due to assault, Lakhichand sustained bleeding injuries on his chest, left armpit and became unconscious there. Thereafter, the Appellant and the other Accused persons ran away from the spot. Gopichand-PW-1 along with his sister in law-Sakhubai-PW-4 and others took Lakhichand to Government Hospital, Adawad where on examination, he was declared dead. Law was set in motion.

4. Upon completion of investigation, charge sheet was filed against the Appellant and two other Accused Under Section 302 Indian Penal Code read with Section 34 Indian Penal Code.

5. To substantiate the charges against the Appellant and the other Accused, the prosecution examined sixteen witnesses including four eye-witnesses and also produced material objects and exhibited number of documents. The Accused were questioned Under Section 313 Code of Criminal Procedure about the incriminating evidence and circumstances and they denied all of them. Based upon the oral evidence and recovery of