Ministry : Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Department/Board : DGFT

Trade Notice No. : 14/2015-2020

Date : 18.07.2022

Notification/ Circulars Referred : Notification No. 18 dated 06.07.2022 MANU/DGFT/0109/2022;Trade Notice No. 3 dated 10.05.2021 MANU/DGFT/0058/2021

Citing Reference:
Notification No. 18 dated 06.07.2022 MANU/DGFT/0109/2022  Referred

Trade Notice No. 3 dated 10.05.2021 MANU/DGFT/0058/2021  Referred


1. All Members of the Trade

2. All DGFT Regional Authorities

3. All Custom Authorities

Procedure for submission of requests for seeking IMC's approval for export of Wheat Flou

1. Reference is invited to DGFT Notification No. 18 dated 06.07.2022 amending the export policy of Wheat Flour (Atta) under S. No. 64 against ITC (FIS) code 1101 of Chapter 11 of Schedule 2 of the ITC (HS) Export Policy wherein export of Wheat Flour (Atta) is freely allowed subject to recommendation of Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on export of wheat. The export of Maida, Samolina (Rava / Sirgi), however, remains free without any condition.

2. For getting required NOC from IMC for export of Wheat Flour (Atta), all such exporters will be required to submit their request in ANF 2N application format to be filled only through the online module of DGFT (Please refer to Trade Notice No. 3 dated 10.05.2021) along with the following documents:

i. Purchase order/Copy of Invoice.

ii. Documentary evidence in case the firm is ISO 22000 compliant.