8 July 2024

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Delhi HC: Suit Can Be Rejected Without Trial Where Proceedings Are Time Barred(06.04.2022)

Delhi High Court has ruled that where the plaintiff’s pleading discloses that a suit is barred by time, there is no fetter on the trial Court to rejec.....

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Gau HC: Courts Have Duty to Examine & Reject Time Barred Claims to Protect Parties from Arb. Process(07.06.2024)

Gauhati High Court has held that courts have a duty to examine and reject time-barred claims in order to prevent parties from getting trapped in costl.....

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When suit is filed on basis of an open, mutual and current account, limitation commences at end of financial year for which the transactions are entered into(24.08.2018)

Present Regular First Appeal under Section 96 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CPC) is filed by the Plaintiff in the suit impugning the Judgment .....

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Prosecution of a remedy before the Consumer Forum is a valid ground to invoke and apply the provisions of Section 14 of Limitation Act(23.06.2021)

The present appeal challenges the concurrent findings rendered by the Courts below, holding that Section 14 of the Limitation Act, 1963 was not applic.....

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Refund claimed after one year is time barred in terms of provisions of Section 11B of Central Excise Act(22.08.2022)

In facts of present case, the refund is filed for the excess payment of the Service Tax after period of 1 year. The refund was rejected on the ground .....

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An inquiry would commence only when Disciplinary Authority is of the opinion that there are grounds to enquire into the matter(12.12.2017)

The Petitioner has filed the present petition, impugning a "status report" prepared by Respondent No. 5, holding that, the complaint of sexual harassm.....

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Refund application beyond period specified could not be entertained unless refund was a consequence of declaration of provision as unconstitutional(23.09.2016)

Appellant had imported Heavy Melting Steel Scrap. Appellant committed inadvertent mistake and paid excess amount in respect of Bills of Entry. Present.....

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