25 March 2019

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SC Says, "Religion, In Any Form, Should Not Be Brought Into Any Election”(21.10.2016)

Supreme Court while observing that religion should not be used to invoke votes, has said that, Parliament has done nothing in last two decades to stop.....

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SC: Is Seeking Votes in Garb of Religion a Corrupt Practice?(27.10.2016)

Supreme Court has asked whether a candidate or a party, seeking votes in name of religion, caste or tribe by promising that this would help protect an.....

Tags : Supreme Court, votes, religion, corrupt practice


Bombay HC: ‘People Get Hyper on Religion’(06.12.2016)

Bombay HC, while restraining the police from filing chargesheet against Shirin Dalvi, Ex-editor of Avadhnama, has said that people become hyper when i.....

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SC: Maintain Secular Ethos of Constitution by Keeping Election a Secular Exercise(02.01.2017)

Supreme Court, while hearing several petitions in Hindutva case, has said that no politician can seek vote in name of caste, creed, or religion and d.....

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Supreme Court Rules 'Unwitting, Careless ‘Insults’ to Religion is No Offence '(24.04.2017)

Supreme Court, while reiterating Constitutional protection to freedom of speech and expression has clarified that insults made on religious faith of a.....

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Uttarakhand HC Suggests Enactment of Freedom of Religion Act to Curb “Sham Conversions” for Marriage(21.11.2017)

Uttarakhand High Court has suggested that Freedom of Religion Act be enacted by the State legislature, in order to put an end to sham conversions for .....

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Banishment of Villagers for Following Different Religion Unconstitutional: Manipur HC(01.02.2018)

Manipur High Court has held provision of the village constitution which forbids any denominational activity dividing the existing religion, i.e., Bapt.....

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Supreme Court: Violence in Name of Religion Cannot be Justified(16.02.2018)

Supreme Court has held that a different religious identity can never be a justification for assaulting or killing a person, as it cautioned the courts.....

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Supreme Court Dismisses PIL for Action Against Political Parties for Misusing Religion in Elections(23.10.2018)

Supreme Court of India has dismissed PIL seeking directions to Centre and Election Commission of India to take strict action against political parties.....

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Kerala High Court Disqualifies Lawmaker for Using Religion to Win Polls(12.11.2018)

Kerala High Court has disqualified an Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) legislator after hearing a petition that claimed he had used religion to win t.....

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Rendering Medical Service for Furtherance of Religion Not Illegal: Delhi HC(11.01.2019)

Delhi High Court has quashed an order issued by Consulate General of India (CGI), Houston, that cancelled a Doctor's Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) C.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Rendering Medical Service for Furtherance of Religion


Religious Events Organizers Should Make Sure There is No Denigration of Other Religion: Madras HC(12.02.2019)

Madras High Court has directed authorities to obtain a written undertaking from organizers of meeting of any religious group that they would ensure th.....

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CIVIL - Freedom of Religion can't Trump Demands of Public Order: Madras HC(18.03.2019)

Madras High Court has observed that the right to freedom of religion cannot trump the demands of public order, while dismissing a plea against restric.....

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