26 May 2020

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RBI rationalises FEMA Regulations(04.02.2016)

The Reserve Bank of India revised nine regulations issued under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. For easy identification, revised regulation.....

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RBI to make FEMA compounding orders public(26.05.2016)

The Reserve Bank of India will provide information on compounding orders passed after 1 June 2016.

The step, seen as a further shaming tac.....

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Foreign Direct Investment - Reporting under FDI Scheme on the e-Biz platform(21.08.2015)

The Reserve Bank of India enabled online filing of the 'Foreign Currency Transfer of Shares' returns for reporting transfer of shares, convertible deb.....

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RBI issues Master Directions on Foreign Exchange(04.01.2016)

The Reserve Bank of India released 17 Master Directions covering foreign exchang.....

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Steps to increase female labour participation rate(12.12.2018)

The decline in female work force participation rate may be attributed to factors like increased educational attendance and higher level of participati.....

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Passport can’t be Revoked for Non-Appearance in Investigation Under FEMA: Delhi HC(12.04.2019)

Delhi High Court has held that a passport cannot be suspended or revoked under Section 10(3)(c) of the Passports Act on account of non-appearance befo.....

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Supreme Court: Female Descendant Cannot be Mutawalli if Wakif Intended to Eliminate Them(27.09.2019)

Supreme Court has noted that though woman can also hold the office of Mutawalli under Mohammedan law however if the Wakif intended to create the Mutaw.....

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Supreme Court: Male Between Age of 18 and 21 Years Cannot be Punished for Marrying Female Adult(25.11.2019)

Supreme Court has ruled that a male aged between 18 years and 21 years who contracts a marriage with a female adult cannot be punished under Section 9.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Female Adult


RBI Updates Norms of Fema(05.02.2016)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI), with an aim to promote ease of doing business, has come out with nine updated rules under the Foreign Exchange Management.....

Tags : Reserve Bank of India , oreign Exchange Management Act (Fema), 1999


RBI: No Action under FEMA Against Black Money Declarants(25.09.2015)

In order to encourage disclosure of undeclared assets held abroad, RBI has said, "No proceedings shall lie under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.....



RBI: No Foreign Exchange Act Action against Declarant for Disclosure Under Black Money Window(01.10.2015)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said no action under FEMA will be taken against declarations under one-time black money compliance window. RBI has alr.....

Tags : Reserve Bank of India ,FEMA ,black money compliance window


RBI Imposes Rs 27-Crore Penalty on 13 Banks for FEMA Violations(28.07.2016)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has penalized 13 banks and slapped a fine of Rs 27 crore for violation of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) provision.....

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SC: Female Child Entitled to Enjoy Equal Rights Like Male Child(09.11.2016)

Supreme Court, while passing a slew of directions, including maintenance of an All-India Database of new borns to curb female feticide, has observed t.....

Tags : Supreme Court, female feticide, equal rights


Punjab & Haryana HC Seeks Status Report on Female Attendants in School Buses(23.01.2017)

Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed Punjab and Haryana to apprise Court within three months whether provisions made for female attendants in ve.....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana High Court, Female Attendants, School Buses


Supreme Court Notices Centre Over Plea Seeking Complete Ban on Female Genital Mutilation(09.05.2017)

Supreme Court has issued notice to Centre on a PIL seeking a complete ban on practice of female genital mutilation or khatna, and demanding that it be.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Female Genital Mutilation


FEMA Norms Eased to Spur Investment from Fverseas(10.11.2017)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has simplified Foreign Exchange Management Regulations, by putting all the 93 amendments under one notification, a move th.....

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Bombay High Court Grants Bail to a Female Tuition Teacher Held for Sexual Abuse of Boy(17.10.2018)

Bombay High Court has granted bail to a female teacher charged of sexually assaulting and harassing a 17-year-old male student and observed that it is.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Female Tuition Teacher