30 January 2023

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Include acid attack victims on disability list(07.12.2015)

The Supreme Court awarded Rs. 13 lakhs to two victims of acid attacks and ordered the State of Bihar to take full responsibility for their treatment a.....

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Supreme Court: Implement Guidelines On Rehabilitation Of Cured Mental Patients(11.07.2017)

Supreme Court has asked Central Government, States and Union Territories to implement guidelines on rehabilitation of those who are cured of mental il.....

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Calcutta HC: Victims of Acid Attacks Before Cr.P.C. Amendment Entitled To Compensation(11.07.2017)

Calcutta High Court has ruled that victims of acid attacks prior to 31 December, 2009, i.e. the insertion of Section 357A of the Code of Criminal Proc.....

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Delhi High Court to DSLSA: How Is Compensation For Victims Of Acid Attacks Determined(14.05.2019)

Delhi High Court has asked the State Legal Services Authority, DSLSA that how does it determine the compensation to be awarded to victims of acid atta.....

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Acid Attack Case: Delhi High Court Sends Man to Jail for Rest of Life(17.05.2019)

Delhi High Court has sent a man to prison for the rest of his life for killing a 16-year-old girl by throwing acid on her.

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Supreme Court Directs States, UTs to Respond to Plea on Sufferings of Acid Attack Victims(06.08.2019)

Supreme Court has granted four weeks to States, Union Territories (UTs) and others as last opportunity to file their responses to the PIL relating to .....

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Karnataka HC: Acid Attack is Crime Against Basic Human Rights(26.07.2021)

Karnataka High Court has said that acid attack is a crime against basic human rights and also violates the most cherished fundamental rights guarantee.....

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Gujarat HC Refuses to Suspend Sentence of Man Convicted for Acid Attack(28.07.2021)

Gujarat High Court has refused to suspend the sentence of a man convicted under Section 326A of the Indian Penal Court, 1860 stressing that the Court .....

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SC to NALSA: Form Panel to Draft Rules For Victim Compensation In Sexual Offences, Acid Attack Cases(13.10.2017)

Supreme Court has asked National Legal Services Authority(NALSA) to set up a committee of about 4 or 5 persons who can prepare model rules for victim .....

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Delhi High Court To AAP Government: List Out Benefits for Acid Attack Victims(30.08.2017)

Delhi High Court has asked AAP government to list out the benefits available to acid attack victims under its various schemes to ensure that the suffe.....

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Bombay HC Grants Bail to Acid Attack Convict Jerrit John(27.01.2016)

Bombay High Court has granted bail to production house owner Jerrit John, convicted for hurling acid at his former girlfriend Aryanka Hosbetkar, after.....

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SC to Govt.: Include Acid Attack Survivors Within Disable Person List(07.12.2015)

Supreme Court has asked Centre and State Government to bring acid attack survivors within the ambit of disable person to get the benefits of reservati.....

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SC Suugests Contempt Case against Hospital, if not Giving Free Treatment to Acid Attack Victims(25.11.2015)

SC on being informed that private hospitals were not giving free treatment to victims of acid attack, has suggested to an NGO to file a contempt case .....

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Bombay HC Enhances Sentence in Acid Attack Case(23.02.2016)

Bombay HC, while taking acid attack case, has observed that 7-year sentence awarded by trial court for this “inhuman and cruel act” was too meagre and.....

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Delhi High Court Doubles Jail Term to 10 Years for Acid Attack(03.06.2016)

Delhi High Court has sentenced the two convicts to ten years of imprisonment for acid attack, which left the victim blind with mangled flesh while ter.....

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Madras HC Confirms Life Sentence to a Acid Attack Convict(29.06.2016)

Madras HC has upheld life sentence awarded to a man who carried out a fatal acid attack on a young woman software engineer in Karaikal in 2012.

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Bombay High Court Pardons Acid Attack Convict After He Marries Victim(03.07.2018)

Bombay High Court has set free a man sentenced to life imprisonment in an eight-year-old acid attack case in a college romance gone awry after the con.....

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Special Mumbai Court Imposes Death Sentence upon Stalker in Preeti Rathi Acid Attack Case(08.09.2016)

A Special Mumbai Court has sentenced a 25-year-old man to death for hurling acid at a woman, which resulted in her death three years ago.

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Supreme Court Orders Protection for Nikah Halala Petitioner Attacked With Acid(17.09.2018)

Supreme Court has ordered security for Shabnam Rani, petitioner in nikah halala and triple talaq case, seeking protection after facing an acid attack .....

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Delhi HC: Ensure Free Treatment to Acid Attack Survivor(24.11.2016)

Delhi HC has directed AAP Government to provide free medical treatment to an acid attack victim who suffered injuries in a 2009 attack.

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Allahabad HC: S.326A IPC Applicable Even if No 'Grievous Hurt' Caused to Acid Attack Survivor(20.07.2022)

Allahabad High Court has clarified that the charge under Section 326A IPC can be framed against the accused even if no grievous hurt has been caused t.....

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SC Slams Hyderabad HC For Being Lenient to Acid Attacker(28.02.2017)

Supreme Court came to relief of an acid attack victim from Telangana as it ordered Rs 3.5 lakh compensation for her and one-year jail term for accused.....

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Uttarakhand HC Issues Guidelines For Rehabilitation of Acid Attack Victims(14.06.2017)

Uttarakhand High Court has issued several directions for rehabilitation of acid attack victims, and for prevention of such instances which include mea.....

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Acid Attack Case: Bombay High Court Confirms Man's Conviction, But Commutes Death Penalty(13.06.2019)

Bombay High Court has upheld the conviction of a 25-year-old man in the 2013 Preeti Rathi acid attack case. However it has commuted his death penalty.....

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CRIMINAL - SC: Acid Attacker Doesn’t Deserve Leniency(19.03.2019)

While terming acid attack an “uncivilised” and “heartless” crime, the Supreme Court has ordered two convicts to pay Rs 1.5 lakh each to the survivor, .....

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