17 June 2024

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Delhi HC Directs Release of Funds to Corporations(08.01.2016)

Delhi High Court has issued directions for funds to be released to municipal bodies as per recommendations of Third Finance Commission of Delhi. The c.....

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Madras HC : Police Cannot Interfere in Landlord-Tenant Disputes(20.06.2016)

Madras HC has said that police cannot conduct “parallel courts” to resolve disputes between landlords and their tenants when specific statutes had bee.....

Tags : Madras HC, Police , Landlord-Tenant Disputes


Bombay HC Rules Restraining Demolition of Dilapidated Building Dangerous to Both Tenants & Passerby(06.10.2016)

Bombay HC, while dismissing a petition filed by two tenants of an old dilapidated building in Vile Parle challenging BMC's directive, has said, "Allow.....

Tags : Bombay HC, tenants, dilapidated building, Vile Parle


Delhi HC Set Aside Ten-Year Jail Term for Man Convicted for Raping his Tenant(14.11.2016)

Delhi High Court has set aside conviction and ten-year jail term awarded to a man, who was held guilty of raping his 30-year-old tenant, saying that w.....

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Delhi HC Seeks Status Report on Special Task Force on Women’s Safety from Lieutenant Governor(22.12.2016)

Delhi High Court has asked Office of Lieutenant Governor to apprise it whether any special task force (STF) on women's safety was in place in National.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Lieutenant Governor, special task force, women's safety


Supreme Court Imposes Rs. 1 Lakh Cost on Tenant Who Refused to Vacate Land(04.01.2017)

Supreme Court has imposed a cost of Rs. 1 lakh on a tenant who refused to hand over possession to landlord even after Apex Court ordered it in 2012.

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Delhi HC: Baijal Can Review Order to Repatriate Bureaucrat(23.01.2017)

Delhi High Court has said that decision of Former Lieutenant-Governor Najeeb Jung to repatriate bureaucrat be placed before his successor Anil Baijal,.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Anil Baijal, Lieutenant-Governor


Supreme Court Refers AAP Govt-Centre Row Over Governance to Constitution Bench(15.02.2017)

Supreme Court has referred to a Constitution Bench a batch of pleas filed by AAP Government against High Court verdict which had held that Delhi is no.....

Tags : Supreme Court, AAP Government, Lieutenant Governor


Supreme Court: Unfortunate That Owner Had to Litigate For Over Four Decades to Get Back Possession(17.04.2017)

Supreme Court, while ordering a tenant to vacate premises immediately, has said it is “unfortunate” that the landlord had been litigating for more tha.....

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Rights of a bona fide tenant would not be automatically terminated by forfeiture of property(17.08.2017)

In present case, vide impugned order, one Krishna Budha Gawde was detained under Section 3(1) of the Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention o.....

Tags : Forfeiture, Property, Tenant, Bonafide right


Supreme Court: 'LG Has Primacy', But We Can Make More Room for Delhi Govt(03.11.2017)

Supreme Court has said that Constitution prima facie gave the Delhi lieutenant governor primacy in administrative matters of the Capital, but added th.....

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SC: CM Obliged to Communicate All Decisions to L-G(08.11.2017)

Supreme Court has observed that the position of Delhi was different from other Union Territories and that the “Chief Minister (CM) is obliged to commu.....

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SC Upholds Denial Of Anticipatory Bail To Army Doctor Who Allegedly Gave Fake Fitness Certificates(09.11.2017)

Supreme Court has upheld the decision of Punjab and Haryana High Court, wherein the latter had refused to grant anticipatory bail to Lieutenant Colone.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Gaurav Relhan, Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988


Supreme Court: Delhi LG Has More Powers Than Governors of Other States(17.11.2017)

Supreme Court has said that Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor has more power than the governor of a state as he does not have to act on the aid and advice o.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Delhi, Lieutenant Governor


Tenants Can Be Evicted for Not Paying Municipal Taxes: Supreme Court(14.08.2018)

Supreme Court has held that tenants in Bengal can be evicted by landlords if they are not paying municipal taxes under the Calcutta Municipal Corporat.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Tenants, Municipal Taxes


Tenant Can’t Be Evicted On Ground Of ‘Change Of User’ Sans Negative Covenant: SC(20.09.2018)

SC has held that in absence of any negative covenant in lease agreement restricting the tenant to run business only relating to the purpose for which .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Tenant, Eviction


Refrain From Arresting Tenant Farmer Protesting Peacefully: Madras High Court(27.09.2018)

Madras High Court has directed the police to refrain from taking the extreme step of arresting and detaining farmers indulging in peaceful protest aga.....

Tags : Madras High Court, Tenant Farmer


Mere Agreement to Sell Leased Property to Tenant wouldn't Terminate Landlord-Tenant Relationship: SC(29.01.2019)

Supreme Court has observed that mere agreement to sell the property of landlord to tenant would not result in termination of landlord-tenant relations.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Landlord-Tenant Relationship


Lieutenant General can't be Tried in General Court Martial Consisting of Members Below His Rank: SC(05.02.2019)

Supreme Court has observed that an army officer holding the rank of Lieutenant General cannot be tried by the General Court Martial (GCM) consisting o.....

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TENANCY - Whether Disputes Between Landlord-Tenant Arbitrable: SC Refers the Question to Larger Bench(08.03.2019)

Supreme Court has referred to larger bench the correctness of its judgment in Himangni Enterprises v. Kamaljeet Singh Ahluwalia, in which it was held .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Himangni Enterprises v. Kamaljeet Singh Ahluwalia, Landlord-Tenant Arbitrable


Supreme Court: Rent Controller's Power to Strike Out Defence of Tenant is Discretionary(25.09.2019)

Supreme Court has ruled that the power to strike out the defence vested in the Rent Controller under Section 15(7) of the Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Tenant


Supreme Court: Landlord-Tenant Disputes are Arbitrable(15.12.2020)

Supreme Court has overruled its 2017 judgment in Himangni Enterprises case to hold that landlord-tenant disputes are arbitrable except when they are c.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Landlord-Tenant Disputes


Lok Sabha Passes Bill to Enhance Powers of Delhi Lieutenant Governor(23.03.2021)

Lok Sabha has passed the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021 to enhance the powers of Lieutenant Governor of Delh.....

Tags : Lok Sabha, Powers of Delhi Lieutenant Governor


SC: Tenants Ought to be in Actual Possession of Premises to Avail Benefit of Tenants Protection Act(15.11.2021)

Supreme Court has reiterated that the tenants ought to be in actual possession of the premises to avail the benefit of Section 9 of the Tamil Nadu Cit.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Tenants Ought to be in Actual Possession of Premises


Delhi HC: Delhi Govt Can't Implement Doorstep Ration Delivery Scheme Without LG's Approval(20.05.2022)

Delhi High Court while setting aside the Delhi government's scheme for doorstep delivery of ration has observed that the decision of the Council of Mi.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Delhi Government, Lieutenant Governer, Doorstep Ration Delivery Scheme


SC: Landlord Entitled to Mesne Profits from Tenant When Execution of Eviction Decree is Stayed(08.07.2022)

Supreme Court has held that once a decree for eviction is stayed, it is necessary for the appellate court to fix the mesne profits to be paid by the t.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Mesne Profit, Tenant, Eviction Decree


SC: Tenant Continuing Possession After Expiry of Lease is Liable to Pay Mesne Profits(08.09.2022)

Supreme Court has held that while a tenant at sufferance cannot be forcibly dispossessed, that does not detract from the possession of the erstwhile t.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Tenant, Mense Profit


Delhi HC Passes Interim Injunction Order in Favour of Delhi LG in Suit Against AAP(27.09.2022)

Delhi High Court has passed an ad interim injunction order in favour of Delhi's Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena and against Aam Aadmi Party (AA.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Injunction, Lieutenant Governor


Cal. HC: Tenant Can’t Deny Landlord's Title at Beginning of Tenancy(12.12.2022)

Calcutta High Court has held that Rule of Estoppel under Section 116 of Evidence Act bars a tenant from denying the title of a landlord in respect of .....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Tenant, Landlord, Tenancy, Title


Cal. HC: 'Rent' Includes All Charges Paid by Tenant in Connection With Suit Premises(19.12.2022)

Calcutta High Court has held that ‘Rent’ includes all payments agreed to be paid by tenant to the landlord for use and occupation not only of the suit.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Rent, Tenant


SC: Unless Contract Allows, Subletting is Impermissible Under Bombay Rent Control Act(24.03.2023)

Supreme Court has held that unless contract itself permits sub-letting, it shall not be lawful, after coming into operation of Bombay Rents, Hotel and.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Sub-letting, Tenant, Bombay Rent Control Act


SC: Late Payment of Rent Despite Revenue’s Direction is a Valid Ground for Eviction(16.05.2023)

Supreme Court while referring to G Ponniah Thevar v. Nellayam Perumal Pillai (MANU/SC/0477/1976) has held that delay in payment of rent despite direct.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Rent, Cultivating Tenant, Revenue


J&K&L HC: Reference of Market Value of Small Plots Relevant Only in Absence of Other Materials(16.05.2023)

Supreme Court while referring to G Ponniah Thevar v. Nellayam Perumal Pillai (MANU/SC/0477/1976) has held that delay in payment of rent despite direct.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Rent, Cultivating Tenant, Revenue


SC: LG Can Effectively Destabilize Elected Delhi Municipal Corporation by Nominating Members(18.05.2023)

Supreme Court while its reserving verdict on issue if Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi can nominate district representatives of Delhi Municipal Corpo.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Lieutenant Governor, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Government


Centre Issues Ordinance Providing Powers Over "Services" in GNCTD to Lieutenant Governor(22.05.2023)

Central Government has promulgated an ordinance to constitute ‘National Capital Civil Services Authority’ in Delhi to decide on the transfer and posti.....

Tags : Central Government, Ordinance, GNCTD, Lieutenant Governor, Services


Ker. HC: Fiction Created as Per Section 7E of KLR Act is to Deem a Purchaser as a Tenant(24.07.2023)

Kerala High Court has held that as per Section 7E of Kerala Land Reforms (KLR) Act, 1963, the fiction created is to deem a purchaser as a tenant and t.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Tenant, Kerala Land Reforms Act, Land


SC: Delhi HC Not Barred from Hearing Plea Challenging LG's Order Terminating Services of Consultants(31.10.2023)

Supreme Court has clarified that its order dated 20.07.2023 (MANU/SC/0781/2023) didn’t consider correctness of termination of appointments, and thus D.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Lieutenant Governor, Terminating Services


Del. HC: Summon Must be Served at Alternate Address if Tenant is not Present on Tenanted Premise(20.12.2023)

Delhi HC while observing that summons must be shown to have been duly served upon opposite party to enable him to apply for leave to defend within the.....

Tags : Delhi HC, Summon, Tenant, Alternate Address


All. HC: Prior Notice to Tenants Not Required if Eviction Appln. is for Personal Use of Premises(10.01.2024)

Allahabad High Court has held that u/s 21(2)(m) of UP Regulation of Urban Premises Tenancy Act, 2021 there is no requirement of prior notice to the te.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Eviction, Tenants, Personal Use