17 February 2020

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A concluded agreement is not contemplated to be the starting point of offer period(02.12.2016)

Challenge in present appeal is to an order of Securities Appellate Tribunal, reversing order of Adjudicating Officer holding Respondents guilty of con.....

Tags : Contravention, Penalty, Reversal of order


Appellate Court has ample powers to order further inquiry or retrial and in case of acquittal even for committing for trial and also has power to award sentence if accused is found guilty(19.12.2017)

The Applicant has challenged the judgment passed by the learned Sessions Court reversing the judgment of acquittal in favour of the Applicant by the l.....

Tags : Acquittal, Reversal, Validity


Public servant should have disobeyed any directions of law with intention to save any person from legal punishment in order to make out offence under Section 217 of IPC(26.11.2019)

Present appeals arise out of the judgment and order passed by the High Court by which the High Court set aside the order of acquittal passed by the Pr.....

Tags : Acquittal, Reversal, Legality


International Cases

Cisco found to not have infringed patent(28.12.2015)

The United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit ruled in favour of Cisco Systems in a patent dispute regarding improvements in wireless netw.....

Tags : Patent, wireless communication, handoff, reversal