14 September 2020

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Aadhar card not mandatory(11.08.2015)

The Supreme Court, deciding that citizens are not required to obtain Aadhar cards, directed the government to disseminate the same widely. Save for th.....

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CIC dismisses appeal seeking up-to-date government email addresses(16.12.2015)

The Central Information Commission dismissed an appeal seeking email addresses of all governments, public authorities and organisations maintained by .....

Tags : Rti, email addresses, outdated, security, privacy


Parties to a private contract and users of "WhatsApp" having voluntarily opted to avail services of said application are bound by terms of service offered(23.09.2016)

Petitioners claim to be the users of “WhatsApp”, an Internet Messaging Application, provided by Respondent No.2/"WhatsApp Inc.", a company based in US.....

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Notifications & Circulars

Statement on behalf of the Government on the Supreme Court Judgement on Right to Privacy(24.08.2017)

The nine-judge Bench Supreme Court judgement has today pronounced in the "Privacy Case" by upholding the Right to Privacy as one protected by Article .....

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Consultation Paper on Cloud Computing(10.06.2016)

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India introduced a paper read»


SC: “You Can Choose to Walk Out of Whatsapp If You Want to Protect Your Privacy”(17.01.2017)

Supreme Court has issued notices to Centre, Facebook, WhatsApp and TRAI on a plea that sought Government Regulation of online messaging services.

Tags : Supreme Court, Facebook, WhatsApp, Privacy


SC Sets Up 5-judge Bench to Hear the Plea Challenging WhatsApp Privacy policy(05.04.2017)

Supreme Court has set up a 5-judge bench to hear the petition accusing WhatsApp and Facebook of privacy violation.

Tags : supreme court, whatsapp, facebook, privacy policy


Supreme Court Rejects Centre's Suggestion to Put Off Hearing on WhatsApp Privacy Issue(20.04.2017)

Supreme Court has brushed aside a government suggestion that it hold off a hearing into privacy issues involving WhatsApp as new rules on data protect.....

Tags : Supreme Court, WhatsApp, privacy policy


Supreme Court Notices Centre Over WhatsApp Privacy Policy(16.05.2017)

Supreme Court has said it was "concerned" whether the citizens' rights were being affected by WhatsApp's 2016 privacy policy and asked Centre what ste.....

Tags : Supreme Court, WhatsApp Privacy Policy


Supreme Court on Right to Privacy: Apple Gets Your Personal Data, Why Not The State?(21.07.2017)

Supreme Court, while hearing a challenge to Government's massive biometric or "Aadhaar" database, has said that companies like Apple already have acce.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Aadhaar, Right to Privacy


UK Supreme Court on Right to Privacy: No Expectation of Privacy in Open Court Proceedings(21.07.2017)

UK Supreme Court, while refusing to allow plea for anonymity by a man who was arrested for child sex abuse, has said while a party is entitled to invo.....

Tags : UK Supreme Court, Right to Privacy


Supreme Court Outlines 3-Tier Approach to 'Right to Privacy', Reserves Verdict(03.08.2017)

Supreme Court has outlined a three-tier, graded approach to the question whether privacy is a fundamental right by examining the issue through its int.....

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Supreme Court Overrules M P Sharma & Kharak Singh(24.08.2017)

Supreme Court has overruled eight-judge bench judgment in M P Sharma case and six-judge bench judgment in Kharak Singh case -both of which had ruled t.....

Tags : Supreme Court, fundamental right, Right to Privacy


Supreme Court Announces its Verdict, Holds Privacy a Fundamental Right(24.08.2017)

Supreme Court has ruled that privacy is a fundamental right because it is intrinsic to the right to life. The 9 Judge bench also said that right to pr.....

Tags : Supreme Court, fundamental right, Right to Privacy


SC Asks WhatsApp, FB: How Much Do You Share with Third Parties?(07.09.2017)

Supreme Court has directed instant messaging platform WhatsApp and social media giant Facebook to file affidavits stating what user data they shared w.....

Tags : Supreme Court, WhatsApp, privacy policy


Kerala HC: Right to Privacy Protects Individual Not Only from State, But Also from Citizens(17.05.2018)

Kerala High Court has said that fundamental right to privacy, which takes within its fold the right to protect ones reputation as well, would merit cl.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Right to Privacy


Kerala High Court: Taking Video of An Act Done Publicly Will Not Violate Privacy(16.07.2018)

Kerala High Court has held that when an act is done openly in presence of other persons, it is doubtful whether the publication of that may constitute.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Privacy


KHC: Demanding Info About Bank Accounts without Statutory Support Violates Right to Privacy(05.09.2019)

Kerala High Court (KHC) has ruled information about one’s bank accounts and Income Tax returns constitute personal information. As a result demand of .....

Tags : KHC, Right to Privacy


MP HC: Plea of Privacy not Justifiable to Resist Gender Detection Test in Matrimonial Disputes(11.10.2019)

Madhya Pradesh High Court has ruled that in a matrimonial dispute if gender of one of the parties is questioned by the other party, the Court may dire.....

Tags : MP HC, Privacy


Bombay High Court: Search without Warrant is Breach of Right to Privacy(05.12.2019)

Bombay High Court has ruled that conducting a search without warrant is a breach of right to privacy. Further the Court also fined State Government Rs.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Privacy


Supreme Court to Government: No Right to Liberty If No Privacy(06.08.2015)

Supreme Court has raised a question mark on the Government’s stand that right to privacy is not a fundamental right.

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International Cases

FCC’s ‘Open Internet’ upheld; dissenting judge scathing in remarks(14.06.2016)

A United States Court of Appeals gave further credence to a Federal Communications Commission move in February 2016 to read»

ECJ: Safe Harbour not safe from US intelligence(06.10.2015)

In a case where an Austrian citizen complained against his personal data on popular social networking website ‘Facebook’ being shifted from servers in.....

Tags : Safe harbour, data privacy, offshore, server


Top Story

Right to be forgotten rejected by Japan’s Supreme Court(03.02.2017)

The Supreme Court of Japan has rejected a man's demand that a Google web search showing up reports of his arrest for child prostitution be removed. Th.....

Tags : Privacy, Right, Personal information, Removal


SC Declares Right to Privacy as Fundamental Right(24.08.2017)

The Nine Judges Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in a historic and landmark Judgment has declared that, right to privacy is a fundamental right in t.....

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