26 May 2020

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Jharkhand High Court: Warrants, Notices Issued By Jharkhand Courts to Have Info About Legal Aid(01.08.2017)

Jharkhand High Court has instructed that notices and warrants issued by courts must be tagged with pamphlets regarding legal services available to not.....

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Bombay High Court: Legal Aid For Accused Should Not Be For Namesake(28.12.2017)

Bombay High Court has said that sufficiently experienced lawyer should be provided for conducting the case of the accused and they should be appointed.....

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Don't Deny Legal Aid to Accused in Court Martial: Supreme Court(21.12.2018)

Supreme Court has ruled that principles of natural justice demanded that whenever an accused Army person sought legal assistance during trial, he/she .....

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Top Court Seeks New Mechanism for Better and Quicker Legal Aid to Cut Delays(22.10.2019)

Top Court has embarked upon proceedings to ascertain why those given free legal aid do not get proper assistance, and to devise ways to ameliorate thi.....

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Allahabad High Court: Court to Inform Accused About Free Legal Services(17.01.2020)

Allahabad High Court has reiterated that while prosecuting an indigent person who cannot afford to engage a lawyer, the Court must provide him with "r.....

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Bombay HC: Providing Aid to Rape Survivors is State’s Duty, Not Charity(18.01.2017)

Bombay High Court came down heavily upon State for its “insensitivity” towards survivors of rape and sexual violence and said that Government must not.....

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Supreme Court introduces legal aid scheme for middle income group(16.02.2017)

The Supreme Court has introduced a Middle Income Group Scheme making it easier to seek legal services for citizens whose gross income is not exceeding.....

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