21 November 2022

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HP High Court: Judgment Passed by Single Member of the Juvenile Justice Board is Void Ab Initio(03.06.2019)

Himachal Pradesh High Court has held that judgment passed by a single member of the Juvenile Justice Board is void ab initio as per the provisions of .....

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Himachal High Court Seeks Rescue Report on Tunnel Collapse(21.09.2015)

HP High Court has ordered Border Roads Organisation and Central Govt. to file a status report in ongoing operation to rescue three labourers trapped i.....

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HP High Court to Centre: Consider Total Ban on Beef in 3 Months(15.10.2015)

Himachal Pradesh HC has asked Centre to consider enacting a law prohibiting slaughter of cows, their import/export and sale of beef and its products a.....

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SC Provides Relief for 5,700 ‘Nautor’ Land Allottees(10.02.2016)

Supreme Court, while providing relief to more than 5,700 families in possession of nautor land in Himachal Pradesh, has stayed HP High Court ruling fo.....

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HP High Court Seeks Govt.’s Response on Growing Illicit Drug Trade(22.06.2016)

HP High Court, while taking suo motu cognisance of the growing illicit drug trade in the State, has sought response from State Government.

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HP High Court Asks Centre and State to Take Steps To Check Misuse Of Drugs(16.03.2016)

HP High Court has rapped Central and State Government authorities on misuse of oxytocin and directed for measures to regulate manufacture, import and .....

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HP High Court Strikes Down Provision of Rent Act(04.08.2016)

HP High Court has struck down first proviso of clause (c) of sub-section (3) of Section 14 of the of HP Urban Rent Control Amended Act, observing it a.....

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Supreme Court: Courts Cannot Interfere With Law Making Powers Under Guise of Judicial Review(09.02.2017)

Supreme Court, while setting aside directions to amend a tenancy law issued by HP High Court, has reiterated that Court in its judicial review cannot .....

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