6 April 2020

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Madras High Court grants bail to Subhiksha founder(16.10.2015)

Madras High Court granted bail to ‘Subhiksha’ founder R. Subramaniam, on the condition of fulfillment of a bail bond and sureties. The Court had previ.....

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Party seeking divorce under matrimonial offence theory must be innocent(17.08.2016)

Admitted facts in instant case were that, Appellant/husband got married to respondent/wife on May 05, 1992 according to Hindu rites. Parties stayed to.....

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25% admission to children belonging to EWS under the RTE Act cannot be held to be upper limit(21.09.2016)

Master Priyanshu, aged about 7 years, was injured in a motor accident and his left leg was amputated below knee. Petition for compensation is pending .....

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Act of suspecting character of wife, physically assault and harassment on coming late from work place due to nature of job amounted to cruelty(14.09.2016)

In instant appeal, Appellant is aggrieved by Family Court’s conclusion that wife could not prove that husband treated her with cruelty and refused to .....

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Refund application beyond period specified could not be entertained unless refund was a consequence of declaration of provision as unconstitutional(23.09.2016)

Appellant had imported Heavy Melting Steel Scrap. Appellant committed inadvertent mistake and paid excess amount in respect of Bills of Entry. Present.....

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Persistent effort of wife to compel husband to separate from family constitutes ‘cruelty’(06.10.2016)

Present appeal has been filed by Appellant husband, whose decree for divorce passed by trial Court has been set aside by High Court of Karnataka. In f.....

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Inadvertent fall while boarding running train not a criminal act or self-inflicted injury to deny compensation(06.10.2016)

In instant case, Appellant is aggrieved by Railway Tribunal’s order dismissing Appellants’ claim petition by holding that, death of deceased was not o.....

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Public interest of fair trial outweigh personal interest, when there is possibility of interdicting fair trial by accused if released on bail(24.11.2016)

High Court granted bail to Respondent during pendency of trial against Respondent facing charges under Sections 376, 420/34, 366-A, 370, 370-A, 212, 1.....

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Few isolated incidents of long past; that too condoned due to compromising behavior of parties cannot constitute act of cruelty(08.03.2017)

Instant appeals are filed by Appellant (wife) against judgment passed by High Court of Delhi by which the High Court dismissed appeals filed by Appell.....

Tags : Divorce, Grant, Validity


Film is judged in its entirety and is examined in light of period depicted in films and contemporary standards of country(31.03.2017)

Appellant herein is unsuccessful Petitioner. Said writ petition was filed with a prayer to quash certificate granted to movie "MSG 2-The Messenger" an.....

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PMLA has an over-riding effect and provisions of Cr. PC would apply only if they are not inconsistent with provisions of PMLA(10.04.2017)

Petitioner has preferred present bail application seeking regular bail under Section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure,1973 (Cr. PC) read with Section.....

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Delay caused in an act required to be done by Government authority cannot be adopted as ground for penalizing innocent Appellant(21.04.2017)

In instant case, Appellant was a 100% EOU engaged in manufacture and export of cotton yarn. Appellant sought permission to opt out of EOU scheme. Deve.....

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Public interest or change in policy may be sufficient to negate concept of legitimate expectation.(08.05.2017)

Petitioner, a public limited company, engaged in providing oil and gas rigs on rent with related services, claim that a direction should be issued to .....

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Power to transfer a case must be exercised with due care, caution and circumspection(12.05.2017)

Applicant-wife, by way of instant transfer application under Section 24 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CPC), seeks transfer of a petition under Sec.....

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Registered proprietor of trademark has exclusive right to use said trademark in relation to goods or services in respect of which trade mark is registered(17.05.2017)

Case of Plaintiff is that, it is a registered Trust and is engaged in field of providing educational services and running various Senior Secondary Sch.....

Tags : Trademark, Infringement, Injunction, Grant


When power has been exercised by Authority in a manner impermissible in law, Court is empowered to interfere with decision of Authority(05.06.2017)

Petitioner, which is an unaided and self financed educational institution, established by a registered trust namely Shimla Education Society Trust imp.....

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Right to redemption survived only till confirmation of sale and not thereafter(19.06.2017)

In facts of present case, Appellants' Suit for redemption of mortgage was decreed by Principal Junior Civil Judge. Decree was reversed in AS No. 65 of.....

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Discharge voucher cannot be obtained by any kind of pressure or compulsion upon the insured(16.08.2017)

In present case, the complainant company obtained a Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy for the period from 3rd November, 2012 to 2nd November, 20.....

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When eviction is sought on the ground of sub-letting, the onus to prove sub-letting is on the landlord(30.08.2017)

Present appeal is against the final judgment passed by the High Court of Delhi whereby learned Single Judge of the High Court allowed the eviction pet.....

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If an issue stood decided, the benefit thereof must be given to similarly placed persons(31.08.2017)

The present petition has been filed by the Petitioner with prayers for issuance of writ of Mandamus directing the Respondent to allow the Time Bound P.....

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Fraud has to be pleaded and proved; mere allegations of fraud are not sufficient(08.09.2017)

Present appeal is against the judgment passed in Review Petition, whereby the Division Bench of the Delhi High Court dismissed the review petition and.....

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Once appeal is dismissed, employee cannot be permitted to continue in employment on basis of earlier interim orders(20.09.2017)

The original applications were filed before the Jodhpur Bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal. The dispute raised in present original applicati.....

Tags : Appointment, Continuity, Grant


A mere plea without supported by any corroborative evidence, has no gravity in the eye of law(14.09.2017)

Case has been preferred before this Tribunal by the wife and sons of the deceased being sole dependants under Section 16 of the Railway Claims Tribuna.....

Tags : Untoward accident, Compensation, Grant


Grant of pay-scale of the higher post would be justified only if the employee was actually performing duties of the higher post(25.09.2017)

The present writ petition assails the order passed by the Central Administrative Tribunal, whereby the Tribunal has dismissed the Petitioner's transfe.....

Tags : Pay-scale, Benefit, Grant


Heinous and serious offences cannot be fittingly quashed even though the victim or victim's family and the offender have settled the dispute(04.10.2017)

In present matter, High Court of Gujarat dismissed an application under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC). The Appellants sou.....

Tags : FIR, Quashing, Grant


Court has discretion to close the proceedings on being satisfied that, complainant has been duly compensated even in absence of consent for compounding of offence(05.10.2017)

Present appeals have been preferred against the order of the High Court rejecting the prayer of the Appellants for compounding the offence under Secti.....

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Refusal to participate in proceeding for divorce and forcing the Appellant to stay in a dead marriage constitutes mental cruelty(09.10.2017)

The Appellant and the Respondent are District Judges working in the State of West Bengal. Their marriage was performed on 19th June, 1992 as per the S.....

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Judge must discharge Accused, if on examination of record, there is no sufficient ground for proceeding against him(04.10.2017)

Present petition challenges impugned judgment passed by Additional Sessions Judge, thereby dismissing the same filed by the Petitioner against the ord.....

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Mere trivial irritations, quarrels, normal wear and tear of the married life would not be adequate for grant of divorce on ground of mental cruelty(12.10.2017)

The Appellant - husband had filed a petition before the Family Court at Pune, seeking divorce from the Respondent - wife under Section 13 (1)(i-a) of .....

Tags : Divorce, Grant, Mental Cruelty


Court is empowered to pass summary judgment, without recording evidence, if it appears that, Defendant has no real prospect of defending the claim(17.10.2017)

In fact of present case, Plaintiff No. 1 is the registered proprietor of the trade mark SINGER in Class 7. The Plaintiff No. 1 is the leading manufact.....

Tags : Infringement, Injunction, Grant


Honest guess work will always be required for calculating the mesne profits(19.01.2018)

Instant Regular First Appeal under Section 96 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CPC) is filed by the Appellant/tenant/Oriental Insurance Company L.....

Tags : Mesne profits, Determination, Grant


Interference in exercise of revisional jurisdiction is to be made only if there is a material defect or jurisdictional error in concurrent findings recorded by consumer fora below(29.01.2018)

Present revision petition has been filed under Section 21(b) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 against the impugned order, passed by the State Comm.....

Tags : Compensation, Grant, Insurance claim


Jurisdiction of the civil courts is not barred in case of civil dispute regarding the wakf property(01.02.2018)

Revision petitions are filed against impugned orders by which ad interim injunction was granted in favour of Plaintiff-Respondent No. 1. Plaintiff-Res.....

Tags : Injunction, Grant, Validity


Once the dispute is adjudicated by Competent Courts, it is not necessary for Petitioner to prove same thing again and again in different proceeding(08.02.2018)

The Petitioner-husband had filed Hindu Marriage Petition for dissolution of marriage. It was decided on 24th April, 2006 and the divorce is granted. T.....

Tags : Maintenance, Cancellation, Grant


Every student with disability cannot be expelled without giving further opportunity to attain necessary levels(16.02.2018)

The Petitioner, a physically-disabled student enrolled in M.Sc. Mathematics in Respondent No. 1- Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in academic yea.....

Tags : Reservation, Reinstatement, Grant


A cognizance can be quashed only when uncontroverted allegations made in F.I.R or complaint do not disclose commission of any offence(19.02.2018)

Present is an application under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) with a prayer to quash the criminal proceeding wherein the .....

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Exemption available to GTA service for transport of 'agricultural produce' cannot cover the transport of cut wood of trees(19.02.2018)

In instant case, the Respondents are engaged in the manufacture of MDF, particle boards, wooden flooring, etc. They are registered with the Department.....

Tags : Refund, Grant, Validity


Discretion to grant bail has to be exercised judiciously and in a humane manner and compassionately(23.02.2018)

Present appeal has been filed against the judgment and order of High Court dismissing the Writ Petition filed by the Appellant. The main issue which n.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Discretion


Once application for bail is decided by a Judge, successive application for bail, if it is filed, has to be decided by the very same Judge, if the Honourable Judge is available(23.02.2018)

Present is an application under Section 439(2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC). The Applicant is challenging grant of bail in favour of.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Validity


If the decision of Government granting permission to start new school is contrary to the rules and against principles of natural justice, permission granted by State can be cancelled(06.03.2018)

The petition is filed under Articles 14, 19 (1)(g) and 226 of Constitution of India for relief of quashing and setting aside the permission granted by.....

Tags : Permission, Grant, Validity


Likelihood of loss follows when Plaintiff can show a strong prima facie case of infringement of its registered trade mark, no evidence of actual loss is required(09.03.2018)

By instant appeal, the original Defendant has challenged order passed by the Court below, whereby an application for temporary injunction filed by the.....

Tags : Injunction, Grant, Validity


Freedom of an individual cannot be curtailed merely on the basis of suspicion(17.03.2018)

Apprehending his arrest, bail Petitioner, has approached present Court by way of instant petition for grant of pre-arrest bail in FIR registered under.....

Tags : FIR, Pre-arrest bail, Grant


Leave to appeal cannot be rejected on ground that, judgment of Trial Court could not be termed as perverse(11.08.2017)

In present application, the parameters of judicial consideration while deciding an application for leave to appeal against the judgment of acquittal i.....

Tags : Leave to appeal, Grant


Once deceased with valid train ticket is found on railway track, which is not near place of residence or work, onus of proof shifts upon railway to show that, deceased was not a bonafide passenger(05.04.2018)

In facts of the case, the deceased, Appellants' son, while travelling by train accidently fell down from the running train near the housing board colo.....

Tags : Bonafide passenger, Compensation, Grant


Anti-suit injunction should be granted sparingly and not as a matter of routine(17.04.2018)

In instant case, the marriage between Appellant-husband and Respondent-wife was solemnized on 20th February, 1995 as per Hindu rites and two children .....

Tags : Anti-suit injunction, Decree, Grant


Proof of rashness and negligence on part of driver of vehicle is sine qua non for maintaining a claim petition(12.04.2018)

In instant case, The Appellant filed a claim petition under Section 166 of the Motor Vehicle Act,1988 on account of multiple grievous injuries sustain.....

Tags : Compensation, Grant, Proof, Negligence


Same nature of duties and functions of Assistant Public Prosecutors and Public Prosecutors per se, cannot be the basis to claim parity(17.05.2018)

The Appellant Association has assailed the judgment passed by the High Court, whereby the High Court rejected the claim for grant of parity to Assista.....

Tags : Retirement age, Parity, Grant


Selection process has to be conducted strictly in accordance with stipulated selection procedure which needs to be scrupulously maintained(16.05.2018)

In facts of present case, the notice of Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2014 ('CGLE-2014'), issued by the Respondent-Staff Selection Commission (.....

Tags : Recruitment, Selection, Grant


Gravity alone cannot be a decisive ground to deny bail, rather competing factors are required to be balanced by Court while exercising its discretion(21.05.2018)

By way of instant petition filed under Section 438 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC), prayer has been made on behalf of the Petitioners for g.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Conditions


Without making a prayer for permanent injunction in plaint, no temporary injunction can be granted(05.06.2018)

By filing Review Petition, the Petitioners have prayed for review of the said order dated 15th September, 2017. In the review application, the Petitio.....

Tags : Possession, Injunction, Grant


Once there is inherent power in Government to grant extension of services, subject to certain limitations in public interest, there cannot be absolute fetter on such power(28.06.2018)

Controversy in present petition pertains to the post of Chief Electrical Engineer in the Electricity Department of Government of Goa. The Petitioner a.....

Tags : Feeder post, Promotion, Grant


In order to conclude whether one mark is deceptively similar to another, broad and essential features of the two are to be considered(13.07.2018)

The Plaintiff has instituted present suit for permanent injunction restraining the Defendant from using any trade mark that is identical or deceptivel.....

Tags : Mark, Similarity, Injunction, Grant


Where salary of junior is higher than that of senior, senior is also entitled to fixation of salary at par with her junior(13.07.2018)

The Petitioner, Department of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi, is aggrieved by the judgment, passed by the Principal Bench, Central Administrati.....

Tags : Increment, Grant, Validity


Condition of building is not so essential. If it is shown that building is bona fide required by landlord for immediate purpose of demolition, eviction could be ordered(25.04.2018)

Aggrieved by the order reversing the order of eviction passed by the Rent Controller, Petitioners, who are trustees of Sri Mouna Swamigal Madam, also .....

Tags : Eviction, Bonafide need, Grant


Administrator may take over management of a school only after giving reasonable opportunity of showing cause against proposed action(07.05.2018)

The Petitioner No. 1/School, which is a private unaided school recognized by the Respondent No. 2/Directorate of Education, and the Petitioner No. 2, .....

Tags : Show-cause notice, Personal hearing, Grant


In exceptional cases, college/University authorities are competent to make appointment of eligible and suitable persons against such posts, without seeking prior approval of State Government(10.05.2018)

The present writ application is being filed to declare that, since these Petitioners were appointed in the year 1981 and joined on 27th July 1981 on t.....

Tags : Posts, Seniority, Grant


Publication of an advertisement for sale at a bargain price of goods that are not intended to be offered for sale or supplied at said bargain price amounts to an unfair trade practice(12.01.2018)

The Petitioner is engaged in the business of selling Woodland Brand of shoes and apparels. The complainant/respondent went to a store of the Petitione.....

Tags : Compensation, Grant, Validity


When a husband abstains from or fails to attempt intercourse with his wife, inference of incapacity is stronger, and onus is on him to rebut the presumption(01.08.2018)

The Appellant is the wife and the Respondent is the husband. The challenge in this appeal is directed against the order passed by the Family Court, di.....

Tags : Marriage, Consummation, Divorce, Grant


Court must not go deep into merits of matter while considering an application for bail(18.09.2018)

The two instant appeals have been preferred by the State of Orissa and the de-facto informant in FIR registered at Police Station in Orissa State agai.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Legality


Court is empowered to pass a summary judgment, without recording evidence, if it appears that Defendants have no real prospect of defending the claim(12.09.2018)

Present suit has been filed for permanent injunction restraining infringement of trade mark, rendition of accounts, damages etc. against the defendant.....

Tags : Infringement, Injunction, Grant


Onus to prove seed’s good quality is on Manufacturer of seeds as Complainants are not expected to store some of seeds for future testing(28.09.2018)

Complainants, who are farmers, purchased onion seeds from the Opposite Parties ("Horticultural Foundation"), and sown the same in their fields; that e.....

Tags : Compensation, Grant, Validity


Mere inclusion of candidate's name in the select list does not confer any right to be appointed even if some of the vacancies remain unfilled(05.10.2018)

In present matter, Respondent No. 1 is an Autonomous Body, who is entrusted with the duty to conduct recruitment process for the post of Probationary .....

Tags : Wait list, Appointment, Grant


Defendants cannot gain from a wrong committed by a third party(08.10.2018)

Present is an application for restraining the Defendants from misappropriating Plaintiffs registered and well known Trade mark MILLENNIUM and logo (.....

Tags : Trademark, Injunction, Grant


If any judgment or order is obtained by fraud, it cannot be said to be a judgment or order in law(10.10.2018)

Present appeal is against the order passed by the Tribunal. Aggrieved of said order passed in the review petition as also the basic award, the Appell.....

Tags : Compensation, Grant, Review


Unlawful possession of public property without having paid for same tantamounts to unjust enrichment(23.10.2018)

Present appeal is directed against order passed by the High Court wherein without issuance of notice to the Ghaziabad Development Authority ("GDA") an.....

Tags : Unlawful possession, Eviction, Grant


Test while determining similarity is of "the possibility" and not "probability of confusion"(17.10.2018)

Instant Appeal is directed against the order passed by the District Judge on the application for temporary injunction filed in a Civil Suit. The said .....

Tags : Injunction, Grant, Legality


Court normally will not interfere in the middle, when the process of election is set in motion(16.10.2018)

Present writ petition is filed seeking issuance of a Writ of Certiorarified Mandamus to quash the impugned Election Plan Notification under dated 18th.....

Tags : Election process, Stall, Grant


An illiterate widow, unaware of her rights, is entitled to family pension and delay to enforce that right does not impede her claim(17.10.2018)

Present application is filed for quashing of impugned Order and for a declaration that, the undertaking/consent (for adjusting the amount of alleged r.....

Tags : Family pension, Grant, Right


Under trial prisoners who have completed half of maximum sentence prescribed for offence for which they were arrested, not be detained in jail(26.10.2018)

The Petitioner/Appellant has filed the instant application seeking suspension of sentence and for grant of bail in case in which he stands convicted v.....

Tags : Sentence, Suspension, Grant


In absence of statutory provisions, no inherent powers of Court exists to condone delay(25.10.2018)

In facts of present case, the Assessee, had filed a refund claim under special refund mechanism as provided for under the exemption Notification No. 1.....

Tags : Refund claim, Grant, Validity


Accused is entitled to get discharge, if there is no material on record to attract ingredients of offences alleged(29.10.2018)

The Petitioner herein has filed Petition under Section 227 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) praying to discharge him from case pending on th.....

Tags : Proceedings, Discharge, Grant


When consent to affiliation is subject to approval from Central Government, request for continuance of provisional affiliation cannot be granted(12.11.2018)

The request of the First Respondent for continuance of provisional affiliation for admission of students in Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surger.....

Tags : Provisional affiliation, Continuation, Grant


A procedural lapse could not be made basis to reject claim petition(16.11.2018)

Present appeal is filed by the claimants against the final judgment passed by the High Court whereby the High Court dismissed the appeal filed by the .....

Tags : Award, Compensation, Grant


Even if a party successfully shows sufficient cause, still party is not entitled for condonation of delay as a matter of right(15.11.2018)

The present revision petition has been filed against the order passed by State Commission in First Appeal. Alongwith this revision petition, an applic.....

Tags : Delay, Condonation, Grant


Burden to prove that a particular sale is benami lies on person who alleges the transaction to be a benami(26.11.2018)

The sum and substance of the case of the husband is that the petition schedule property was purchased by him in the name of the wife and that he const.....

Tags : Title, Declaration, Grant


Court which has to be approached for grant of the assistance cannot decide the merits of the case or rights of the parties under Section 9 of Arbitration Act(14.12.2018)

Instant petition has been filed by the Petitioner under Section 9 of the J & K Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1997 for directing the maintenance of.....

Tags : Status quo, Maintenance, Grant


Loss of earning capacity must be determined at 100 percent for entitlement to compensation(17.12.2018)

Present appeal has been filed challenging the award of the Commissioner. The contention of the Appellant is that, the loss of employment suffered by h.....

Tags : Disability, Compensation, Grant


Failure on part of detaining authority to supply the material renders detention order illegal(26.12.2018)

Challenge in present petition is to the order passed by District Magistrate, Srinagar-Respondent No. 2 herein in exercise of vested in him under Secti.....

Tags : Detention, Quashment, Grant


Passport can be denied to a citizen if he is convicted of an offence at any time during period of five years preceding date of application for a passport(11.01.2019)

The Petitioner has filed the preset petition, impugning an order passed by Respondent no. 1 (Regional Passport Officer) denying the Petitioner's reque.....

Tags : Passport, Renewal, Grant


Consumption of liquor beyond a safe limit disqualifies the insured from getting benefits of insurance policy(04.09.2018)

The complainant/Respondent owned a vehicle which he had got insured with the Petitioner Company. The vehicle having met with an accident, on 4th Decem.....

Tags : Compensation, Grant, Legality


A person should not be kept in jail ordinarily, if a trial for non-bailable offence which is triable by Magistrate, is not concluded within a period of sixty days from date fixed for evidence(06.02.2019)

Present petition has been filed under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) against the order passed by the learned Sessions Judg.....

Tags : Bail, Grant of, Revision, Maintainability


Allotment of an area was not a pre-requisite for grant of CS-1 licence(15.02.2019)

The Appellant is a manufacturer of spirits and holds a licence in the form of D-1 granted in the year 2017. A tender notice was issued for supply of c.....

Tags : Tender process, licence, Grant


Gravity alone cannot be decisive ground to deny bail, rather competing factors are required to be balanced by Court while exercising its discretion(08.03.2019)

Bail Petitioner has approached present Court in the instant proceedings filed under Section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC), praying th.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Discretion


Socio-economic offences constitute a class apart and need to be visited with a different approach in the matter of bail(20.03.2019)

Present is an application under Section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) praying for bail of Petitioner, who has been in detention in co.....

Tags : Socio-economic offence, Bail, Grant of


Petition should not have 'vague' and 'too general' allegations, but law does not require that every incident should be narrated with the minutest detail possible(03.05.2019)

The present appeal has been filed challenging the judgment passed by the Family Court whereby the petition under Section 13(1)(ia), (ib) of the Hindu .....

Tags : Cruelty, Divorce, Grant


Bail once granted should not be cancelled in a mechanical manner without considering supervening circumstances(14.05.2019)

In present case, the 1st Respondent herein is a teacher. Alleging that she was involved in Crime registered under Sections 454 and 381 read with Secti.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Legality


Redemption and rehabilitation of prisoners for good of society must receive due weightage during incarceration(29.05.2019)

The challenge in present petition is to the orders passed by the Inspector General of Prisons, Panaji-Goa by which an application for furlough came to.....

Tags : Furlough, Good conduct, Grant of


Magistrate is within its jurisdiction to grant permission to victim to prosecute accused only on satisfaction of relevant facts(07.08.2019)

The challenge in the present appeal is to an order passed by the High Court whereby an order passed by the Magistrate declining permission to Responde.....

Tags : Permission, Grant, Legality


Freedom of an individual is of utmost importance and same cannot be curtailed for indefinite period during the trial(01.08.2019)

Issue in present case is relating to grant of bail. Learned Additional Advocate General, on the instructions of Investigating Officer, stated that, p.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Conditions


Court must consider mode of purchasing the goods, class of consumers, surrounding circumstances and degree of similarity in order to ascertain likelihood of confusion(08.08.2019)

The Appellant-Plaintiff manufactures and sells of various cosmetic products, including two perfumes with trademarks Legend and Flirt. The Liberty Grou.....

Tags : Confusion, Likelihood, Injunction, Grant


Discretion to grant or deny pre-arrest bail cannot be exercised de hors the gravity of offence(20.08.2019)

In first application, Petitioner seeks pre-arrest bail in FIR registered under Section 120B read with Section 420 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) and.....

Tags : Pre-arrest bail, Grant, Offence, Seriousness


Anticipatory bail cannot be granted in economic offence cases as it hampers effective investigation(05.09.2019)

Present appeal relates to the alleged irregularities in Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance given to the INX Media for receiving forei.....

Tags : Anticipatory bail, Grant, Discretion


Prisoners cannot claim the benefit of furlough leave as a matter of right(29.08.2019)

The Petitioner – Convict lodged in Nasik Road Central Prison, preferred the present petition seeking relief to quash and set aside the impugned order .....

Tags : Right, Furlough, Grant


Concession given by State Counsel before Tribunal contrary to statutory rules is not binding as there cannot be any estoppel against law(26.09.2019)

The challenge in the present appeal is to an order passed by the High Court whereby, the writ petition filed by the Appellant challenging the order pa.....

Tags : Pay-scale, Grant, Direction


Marriage can be dissolved, if it breaks down irretrievably(04.10.2019)

In present case, the Appellant-husband has preferred the present appeal feeling aggrieved and dissatisfied with the impugned judgment and order passed.....

Tags : Marriage, Dissolution, Divorce, Grant


Accused is not eligible for grant of anticipatory bail, when accused fails to join investigation on false pretexts or sham/farce excuses despite being given opportunities(11.12.2019)

The Petitioner has filed the present application under Section 438 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) for the grant of anticipatory bail. .....

Tags : Anticipatory bail, Grant, Gravity, Accusations


Freedom of an individual cannot be curtailed for indefinite period during pendency of trial(23.12.2019)

Bail Petitioner who is behind the bars since 31st July, 2019, has approached present Court in the instant proceedings filed under Section 439 of the C.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Conditions


At an interlocutory stage, it cannot be said that, Plaintiff did not have a chance of success at the trial(28.02.2020)

In a suit for infringement of copyright, the Plaintiff has sought interim reliefs by present application. Learned senior advocate appearing for the Pl.....

Tags : Infringement, Interim protection, Grant


Bail is not to be withheld as a punishment; Court has to keep in mind nature of accusations and evidence in support thereof and severity of the punishment(21.10.2019)

In present matter, FIR came to be lodged against both the bail Petitioners. Issue in present case is relating to grant of bail. Learned Senior Counsel.....

Tags : Bail, Grant of, Conditions


Tribunal has discretion to grant waiver from pre-deposit by recording reasons which are not necessarily be detailed and exhaustive(07.11.2019)

The present writ petition filed by the Central Board of Trustees EPFO assails the order passed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal. Un.....

Tags : Pre-deposit, Waiver, Grant


Notifications & Circulars

Central Government hereby notifies 'Prayagraj Mela Pradhikaran, Prayagraj', an authority constituted by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh(14.03.2019)

In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (46) of section 10 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), the Central Government hereby notifies for .....

Tags : Authority, Constitution, Grant in aid


Creating credible data on Inter-State Migrants(18.07.2018)

In Order to safeguard the interest of the Migrant workers, the Central Government has enacted the Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employmen.....

Tags : Data, Inter-State Migrants, Creation


Bureau of Indian Standards granted First Licence to M/s Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd for Liquid Chlorine on All India basis(26.04.2018)

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) granted First Licence to M/s Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd for Liquid Chlorine on All India basis. Ahmedabad Bra.....

Tags : License, Grant, Liquid Chlorine


Recommendation of Legal Framework for Protection of Interests of Migrants(01.03.2017)

A Government appointed Panel has recommended necessary legal and policy framework to protect the interests of the migrants in the country, stating tha.....

Tags : Recommendation, Protection, Migrants


Consideration of applications for grant of authorization for import of gold-dore-reg(24.08.2017)

1. Reference is invited to Trade Notice No. 04 dated 21.04.2017 on the above subject laying down the condition that w.e.f. 01.06.2017 only those appli.....

Tags : Import, Gold, Authorization, Grant


Health Ministry grants approval for admission under Disabilities Quota "Historic decision": J. P. Nadda(21.03.2018)

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has granted approval to amend the regulation for admission to PG medical courses in order to expand the scop.....

Tags : Admission, Disabilities Quota, Grant


CBDT grants relaxation in eligibility conditions for filing of Income-tax Return Form-1 (Sahaj) and Form-4 (Sugam) for Assessment Year 2020-2021(09.01.2020)

In order to ensure that the e-filing utility for filing of return for assessment year (A.Y) 2020-21 is available as on 1st April, 2020, the Income-tax.....

Tags : Eligibility conditions, Relaxation, Grant



University Grants Commission Bans Distance Edu in Non-univ Institutes(05.07.2017)

University Grants Commission (UGC) has stated that only universities can offer distance learning programmes in India.

Tags : University Grants Commission, Non-univ Institutes


UGC Directs Universities to Include Aadhaar, Photographs in Degrees, Certificates(23.03.2017)

University Grants Commission (UGC) has directed all Universities and Educational Institutions to introduce identification mechanisms like student’s ph.....

Tags : University Grants Commission, Degrees, Certificates, Aadhaar, Photographs


Supreme Court Dismisses Plea Against Bangladeshi Migrants(03.04.2017)

Supreme Court has junked a PIL seeking action against illegal Bangladeshi migrants whose influx has affected the sovereignty and integrity of the coun.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Bangladeshi migrants


Madras High Court Grants Pardon to Litigant Who Produced Fake Photograph(15.09.2015)

Madras High Court has pardoned a daily wage labourer who filed habeas corpus petition on basis of a fake photograph showing him to be standing beside .....

Tags : Madras High Court,Grants Pardon


SC Questions Centre, AMU About Norms Flouted in Appointment of Vice Chancellor(20.09.2016)

SC while questioning the mode and method in which the Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has been appointed, asked that how University.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Aligarh Muslim University, appointment of Vice Chancellor, University Grants Commission


Supreme Court Backs Modi Government’s Measure to Ensure Safety of North-Eastern Migrants(15.12.2016)

Supreme Court has backed Modi Government’s measures to ensure that migrants from North-Eastern states can live peacefully with a sense of honour, free.....

Tags : Supreme Court, North-Eastern, Migrants


Kerala HC Terms UGC’s NET Criteria ‘Unconstitutional’(06.01.2017)

Kerala High Court has declared unconstitutional the University Grants Commissions‘s (UGC) National Eligibility Test criterion that top 15 per cent of .....

Tags : Kerala High Court, University Grants Commissions, National Eligibility Test


Kerala High Court Upholds Kerala University Decision to Implement UGC Regulation(10.01.2017)

Kerala High Court has upheld Kerala University's decision to implement regulations brought in by University Grants Commission (UGC) that aims to impro.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Kerala University, University Grants Commission


Delhi HC Directs UGC to Ensure Setting Up of Grievance Cell in All Varsities(06.02.2017)

Delhi High Court has directed University Grants Commission (UGC) to ensure that all colleges and universities, including capital’s Delhi University (D.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, University Grants Commission


Supreme Court: Constitution Bench to Hear Questions of Citizenship of Migrants Kids(22.02.2017)

Supreme Court has said that a Constitution Bench would hear question whether children of illegal migrants born here can avail benefit of citizenship u.....

Tags : Supreme Court, illegal migrants


Punjab & Haryana HC Summons UGC Chairman, Secretary over Panjab University Financial Crisis(22.11.2016)

Punjab and Haryana HC has ordered Chairman and Secretary, University Grants Commission (UGC) that either of two will remain present on December 5 to a.....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana HC, University Grants Commission, Panjab University


Punjab and Haryana HC Grants Relief to Temporary Govt. Lecturers(13.06.2016)

Punjab and Haryana HC has held that temporary lecturers are entitled for minimum pay and perks as per the guidelines of the University Grant Commissio.....

Tags : Punjab and Haryana HC , University Grant Commission , temporary lecturers


Assam NRC: Supreme Court Questions Foreigners’ Tribunals Plan(10.05.2019)

Supreme Court has questioned a proposal by the Assam government to quickly throw open 1,000 foreigners’ tribunals all over the northeastern State to t.....

Tags : Supreme Court, illegal immigrants


SERVICE - Amended SC-ST Act Doesn't Limit Court's Jurisdiction to Grant Anticipatory Bail: Calcutta HC(01.03.2019)

Calcutta High Court has granted anticipatory bail to a journalist who was charged under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocitie.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Amended SC-ST Act Doesn't Limit Court's Jurisdiction to Grant Anticipatory Bail


CRIMINAL - Amended SC-ST Act Doesn't Limit Court's Jurisdiction to Grant Anticipatory Bail: Calcutta HC(01.03.2019)

Calcutta High Court has granted anticipatory bail to a journalist who was charged under Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocitie.....

Tags : Calcutta High Court, Amended SC-ST Act Doesn't Limit Court's Jurisdiction to Grant Anticipatory Bail


Minor Girl Going with Accused on Her Own is a Mitigating Circumstance to Grant Bail: Gujarat HC(01.02.2019)

Gujarat High Court has granted bail to man accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old girl and court considered it a "mitigating circumstance" that a.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Minor Girl Going with Accused on Her Own then is a Mitigating Circumstance to Grant Bail


Migrant Not to be Recognised as Scheduled Caste of Migrant State: Supreme Court(16.11.2018)

Supreme Court has reiterated that merely because in the migrant state the same caste is recognised as Scheduled Caste, the migrant cannot be recognise.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Scheduled Caste of Migrant State


Delhi High Court Tells Govt to Regularize Kashmiri Migrant Teachers(24.05.2018)

Delhi High Court has directed the AAP government and the four municipal corporations to regularize within eight weeks all Kashmiri migrant teachers fr.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Kashmiri, Migrant, Teachers


Karnataka High Court: Need to Rehabilitate Evicted Migrant Workers(04.02.2020)

Karnataka High Court has observed while taking the State Government to task that there was a need to rehabilitate or compensate migrant workers whose .....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Migrant Workers


Bombay HC Extends Interim Protection from Arrest Granted to TISS Student by 3 Weeks(25.02.2020)

Bombay High Court has extended the interim protection from arrest granted to Kris Chudawala, a Masters student of the Tata Institute of Social Science.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Interim Protection from Arrest Granted to TISS Student


Karnataka HC Directs State to Come Out with Rehabilitation Scheme for Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants(28.02.2020)

Karnataka High Court has granted one week to the State Government to come out with a scheme for rehabilitation and grant of monetary compensation to t.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Rehabilitation Scheme for Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants


SC Directs Centre to File Reply on Steps Taken Regarding Plight of Migrant Workers Amid Lockdown(30.03.2020)

Supreme Court has directed the Centre to file a reply on steps taken regarding the plight of migrant workers and the lack of access to basic necessiti.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Migrant Workmen


SC Directs Centre to Ensure Welfare of Migrant Workers and Spread Awareness of Pandemic(31.03.2020)

Supreme Court has directed the Centre to ensure accessibility of basic necessities and medical facilities for migrant workers in view of the nationwid.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Welfare of Migrant Workers, Spreading Awareness of COVID-19


SC Expresses Concern Over Fake News Spurring Migrant Exodus(01.04.2020)

Supreme Court has expressed satisfaction with the steps taken by the Union and State Governments to prevent the spread of COVID-19 "at this stage" but.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Fake News Spurring Migrant Exodus


Kerala HC Seeks Report from Govt on Steps Taken to Provide Food & Shelter to Migrant Workers(01.04.2020)

Kerala High Court has directed the Kerala Government to submit a report regarding the steps taken to provide food and shelter to migrant workers throu.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Food & Shelter to Migrant Workers


Bombay HC Directs State to Ensure Basic Amenities for Labourers/ Migrants(02.04.2020)

Bombay High Court has asked the State authorities to take immediate steps to ensure that all migrant workers are provided with basic amenities, during.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Basic Amenities for Labourers/ Migrants


P&H HC Directs Subordinate Judicial Authorities to Ensure Compliance of Orders Granting Bail(02.04.2020)

Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the subordinate judicial authorities to devise a reliable mechanism to update the contact details of all th.....

Tags : Punjab & Haryana High Court, Compliance of Orders Granting Bail


Kerala HC Directs District Labour Officers to Monitor Conditions of Migrant Labourers(06.04.2020)

Kerala High Court has directed all District Labour Officers to work in coordination with the respective District Legal Services Authorities to monitor.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Conditions of Migrant Labourers


Karnataka High Court Warns State Government of Strictures Over Housing Illegal Immigrants(19.11.2019)

Karnataka High Court has warned the State Government that it would issue strictures against the State if the Government fails to come up soon with a c.....

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Immigrants


International Cases

The discretion to order security for costs is unfettered, and depends on an examination of all of relevant circumstances(10.01.2018)

The Defendants have applied for an order that, the Plaintiff give security for the costs of this action and for consequential orders, including that t.....

Tags : Costs, Security, Grant


A domestic “suspension” provision cannot defer the expiry of the Convention’s limitation period beyond that long stop(17.10.2018)

Present appeal raises a question about the interpretation of Article 16 of the Athens Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Lugg.....

Tags : Negligence, Damages, Grant


Landlord’s intention to demolish or reconstruct premises must exist independently of tenant’s statutory claim to a new tenancy(05.12.2018)

Issue in present appeal is regarding qualified security of tenure enjoyed by business tenants, pursuant to Part II of the Landlord and Tenant Act, 195.....

Tags : Tenure, Security, New tenancy, Grant


Interim Order could only be passed upon a condition that final order in proceedings was likely to take time and a situation existed where irreparable damage might occur.(17.08.2018)

In instant matter, Commission Show Cause Notice issued to Respondent notified that, there existed a prima facie case of contravention of Section 10(2).....

Tags : Dissemination, False information, Interim relief, Grant


State is liable to indemnify losses incurred by Westpac as a result of the Fire(04.09.2018)

Present is an appeal against a decision concerning the determination of a preliminary issue in proceedings brought by the Respondent (Mr Leicester) ag.....

Tags : Loss, Indemnification, Grant


Injunction is available to prevent an executor distributing whole or part of a deceased estate and in such case standard principles applicable to interlocutory injunctions apply(22.01.2019)

The Plaintiff is seeking relief under the Family Provision Act 1972 (WA) from the estate of Christoniki James (the deceased). The matter is well advan.....

Tags : Property , Sale, Injunction, Grant


Court can refuse bail pending sentence where Applicant has been convicted of a serious offence that is very likely to result in a sentence of immediate imprisonment for a significant term(22.08.2019)

The Applicant is a 33 year old man who was found guilty for possession of methylamphetamine with intent to sell or supply, contrary to Section 6(1)(a).....

Tags : Serious offences, Bail, Grant


If provision gave no power to grant permission in form described, then, there is no valid grant(03.07.2019)

Present appeal concerns the permitted uses of a retail store in Streatham in the area of the London Borough of Lambeth (“the Council”). Planning permi.....

Tags : Planning permission, Grant, Legality


Bail can only be granted, if the Court is satisfied that, there are exceptional reasons for not keeping Appellant in custody(01.08.2019)

Application filed on 24 June 2019, for bail pending an appeal against sentence, pursuant to clause 4A of point C of schedule 1 of the Bail Act 1982. I.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Exceptional reasons


Appeal may be dismissed when issues are of such a nature that, decision sought will have no practical effect or result(20.05.2019)

In present appeal, counsel were at the outset of the hearing, asked to address the Court on the preliminary question whether the Full Court’s order mu.....

Tags : Rescission order, Grant, Legality


A "scintilla of invention" remains sufficient in Australian law to support patent validity(17.08.2016)

Present Matter related to patent application in name of Britax Childcare Pty Ltd (Applicant). A notice of opposition was filed by Dorel Australia Pty .....

Tags : Patent, Grant, Inventive step


Court may withhold a winding up order, where Plaintiff lacks clean hands or has himself or herself been primary contributor to breakdown of relationship.(03.08.2017)

In facts of instant case, winding up application is made pursuant to Section 461(1)(k) of Corporations Act, 2001. This is section which is generally r.....

Tags : Application, Winding up, Grant


Reasonableness is a more demanding objective standard requiring the publisher to satisfy the Court that, publication would not constitute an abuse of the freedom of the press(11.08.2017)

Present is an appeal against the decision of Trial Judge on 9th December, 2015 in which he rejected the Appellant's claim for damages and injunctive .....

Tags : Publication, Articles, Damages, Grant


Where proportion of leave taken by worker is less than proportion of leave year which has expired, his employer shall make him a payment in lieu of leave(12.03.2018)

The claimant obtained employment with the respondent through Apple Recruitment Services. The claimant brought claims for notice pay, holiday pay and .....

Tags : Notice pay, Arrears, Grant


Merger approval is a "once off' affair(02.10.2017)

Effects of an acquisition of control are considered, when approval of merger is sought and obtained and cannot be revisited once it has been determine.....

Tags : Merger, Declaratory relief, Grant, Jurisdiction


A contributory is a person who is liable to contribute to the property of company on winding up and if there is a surplus is entitled to a distribution(06.12.2017)

Present is an application by Mr Lean brought pursuant to Section 461(1) of the Corporations Act, 2001 for the Court to wind up Banning Holdings Pty Lt.....

Tags : Contributory, Winding up, Grant


Secretary of State can deprive a person of citizenship, if satisfied that grant was obtained by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of a material fact(21.12.2017)

Appellant obtained British citizenship using a false name, a false date of birth, a false nationality and a false place of birth. When these frauds c.....

Tags : Citizenship, Grant, Misrepresentations


Bail can only be granted where exceptional circumstances are demonstrated and it is otherwise appropriate to do so(09.01.2018)

In instant case, Mr Valerio's application filed for bail pending his appeal against conviction. Alternatively, the Appellant seeks an urgent appeal or.....

Tags : Bail, Grant, Jurisdiction


Applicant can appeal to Commissioner on establishing an arguable case that, the appeal tribunal has erred in law(18.07.2017)

Present is a claimant's application for leave to appeal from the decision of an appeal tribunal sitting at Craigavon. In instant case, Applicant claim.....

Tags : Leave to appeal, Arguable case, Grant


Parties to a probate action cannot simply consent to a solemn form grant in respect of a will without offering of sufficient evidence for Court’s satisfaction(15.10.2019)

In the present probate action, the last will and testament of the late Anka Cvitan (the deceased), who died on 1 September 2013 is sought to be proved.....

Tags : Will, Probate, Grant


Top Story

Government signs Global Environment Facility (GEF) Grant Agreement with the World Bank(16.08.2017)

The Government of India and the World Bank has signed a US dollar 24.64 million grant from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in order to improve e.....

Tags : World Bank, Grant, Ecosystem, Improvement


Indigenously Made Rotavirus Vaccine Received WHO Pre-qualification(24.01.2018)

WHO “pre-qualified” the ROTAVAC vaccine, developed by the Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Limited. Now, the vaccine can be sold internationally to seve.....

Tags : Vaccine, Pre-qualification, Grant


Supreme Court strikes down Section 377 of IPC as unconstitutional(06.09.2018)

In a historic verdict, Supreme Court strikes down Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) as unconstitutional. Supreme Court, while decriminalizi.....

Tags : LGBT community, Equal rights, Grant