17 June 2024

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Rights of a bona fide tenant would not be automatically terminated by forfeiture of property(17.08.2017)

In present case, vide impugned order, one Krishna Budha Gawde was detained under Section 3(1) of the Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention o.....

Tags : Forfeiture, Property, Tenant, Bonafide right


International Cases

Applicant in any proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act bears onus of proving matters necessary to establish grounds for making the order applied for(14.06.2019)

Present is an application by the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police pursuant to Section 49 of the Proceeds of Crime Act, 2002 for the court.....

Tags : Forfeiture order, Proceeds, Conditions


No jurisdictional error, when mining warden gave proper consideration regarding non-compliance with the applicable expenditure(16.12.2020)

The applicant has applied for judicial review of a recommendation made by the mining warden that, certain mining leases held by it be forfeited. The w.....

Tags : Judicial review, Non-compliance, Forfeiture


High Court has jurisdiction to grant a forfeiture order in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act(03.05.2021)

In present matter, on 28 July 2017, the high Court granted an ex parte application for a preservation order, in terms of Section 38 of the Prevention .....

Tags : Jurisdiction, Unlawful activity, Forfeiture order


As the blocking orders were still extant at the time of the winding-up of the companies, it is competent for the Reserve Bank to issue the relevant forfeiture orders(23.01.2023)

The Reserve Bank issued three separate forfeiture orders relating to the monies standing to the credit of Sun Candle Products (Pty) Limited (Sun Candl.....

Tags : Liquidation, Forfeiture orders, Validity



SC: Necessary to Deprive Persons Engaged in Smuggling of Their Ill Gotten Gains(23.03.2023)

Supreme Court while upholding Karnataka High Court’s order affirming order of forfeiture under Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Smuggling, Forfeiture