17 June 2024

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Top Court: Property Inherited From Father by Sons Becomes Joint Family Property(04.07.2019)

Top Court has observed that property inherited from father by sons becomes joint family property in the hands of sons.

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Madras HC: Joining of Son in Execution of Sale Deed Does Not Raise Presumption of "Family Property"(20.05.2022)

Madras High Court observed that merely because a son has been added as a co-vendor in a sale deed would not give rise to the presumption that the prop.....

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Kar. HC: Self-Acquired Property Thrown in Common Hotchpot Shall be Treated as Joint Family Property(21.02.2024)

Karnataka High Court has held that if a Hindu family member voluntarily throws his/her self acquired property into common hotchpot with the purpose of.....

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