23 March 2020

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Exception 4 to Section 300 of IPC applies when the act was committed without premeditation, in a sudden fight without the offender having taken undue advantage or acted in a cruel or unusual manner.(20.09.2017)

In instant appeal, an exception is taken to the judgment and order of Additional Sessions Judge, whereby Appellant is convicted for the offence under .....

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Heat of passion requires that there must be no time for the passions to cool down(03.05.2018)

The Appellant has filed the present appeal against his conviction and sentence passed by Additional Sessions Judge, convicting him under Section 302 o.....

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Notifications & Circulars

Exception from Online Filing of Application under Section 197 and 206C (9) in the cases of NRIs and Resident Applicants(24.12.2018)

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has decided to allow exception from online filing of application under Section 197 and 206C (9) in the cases .....

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International Cases

Bail can only be granted, if the Court is satisfied that, there are exceptional reasons for not keeping Appellant in custody(01.08.2019)

Application filed on 24 June 2019, for bail pending an appeal against sentence, pursuant to clause 4A of point C of schedule 1 of the Bail Act 1982. I.....

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Firm exercising characteristics of power against one player due to contractual relationship between the two, cannot be interpreted to imply that, it would be able to do so on a broader level(23.11.2017)

Present matter concerns two interlocutory applications, an amendment application and an exception application, arising from a private complaint referr.....

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