8 July 2024

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SC: Entitlement of Homebuyer Starts from Date of Agreement and Not RERA Registration(04.11.2020)

Supreme Court has held that period for allotment of flat to a homebuyer has to be reckoned from the date of the buyer agreement and not from the date .....

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ITAT: Export Entitlements And Duty Drawback of Promotion Scheme is Assessable Income(14.06.2022)

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), Vishakhapatnam Bench has held that export entitlements and duty drawback of promotion scheme is income assessabl.....

Tags : ITAT, Export Entitlements, Duty drawbacks


Pat. HC Stops Grant-in-Aid Of 609 Madrasas In Bihar Till Completion Of Enquiry On Entitlement(27.01.2023)

Patna High Court has directed the Bihar Government to halt the release of grant-in-aid in favour of 609 Madrasas until the pending enquiry on their en.....

Tags : Patna High Court, Bihar Government, Madrasas, entitlement


SC: Can’t Claim Deduction U/S 80IB IT Act on Amount Received from DEPB and Duty Drawback Claims(13.04.2023)

Supreme Court has held that profit from Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme (DEPB) and the Duty Drawback claims cannot be said to be an income “derived .....

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SC Clarifies Rights and Entitlements Under Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016(24.11.2021)

Supreme Court has clarified that the rights and entitlements under the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016, including the right of persons w.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Rights and Entitlements of Persons with Disabilities


SC: Employee Won't Lose Entitlement to Gratuity By Merely Opting to Extend Retirement Age(25.11.2021)

Supreme Court has held that mere exercise of option by an employee, to avail the benefit of extension of age of retirement to 60 years, could not oper.....

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International Cases

There must be certainty of intention to create a trust on part of settler in relation to the subject-matter of trust and as to the beneficiary of the trust(02.10.2019)

On 20 September 1948, Nawab Moin Nawaz Jung (Moin) caused the sum of £1 million to be transferred from an account of the Government of Hyderabad held .....

Tags : Transfer, Fund, Entitlement


A freezing order should not be made unless risk of dissipation is established(22.08.2019)

The Applicants are the brother and sister-in-law of the late Terry Ray Woodley (the deceased). They are also creditors of his estate. The first Respon.....

Tags : Freezing order, Remedy, Entitlement


Any order for further and better discovery is discretionary and the discretion must be exercised having regard to the objectives of case management(25.06.2020)

Present is the Plaintiff's application for discovery orders. The Plaintiff is seeking orders requiring the second Defendant to discover all applicatio.....

Tags : Discovery orders, Entitlement, Jurisdiction


Application to reopen a case under same case number on same pleadings in order to thwart prescription is not permissible(20.04.2020)

The central issue in present appeal is whether, after an order of absolution from the instance at the end of a trial, the Appellant, Liberty Group Lim.....

Tags : Case re-opening, Entitlement


In order to avoid liability under Section of COIDA, onus of satisfying the Court is on employer(04.03.2021)

In present case, On 5 April 2017 the Appellant, Ms Catherine Churchill, went to work as usual at the offices of the first Respondent, the Premier of 4.....

Tags : Damages, Compensation, Entitlement


Court has broad powers under Section 21 of the Charitable Trusts Act, 1962 to make orders in respect of any property, money or income subject to a trust for charitable purposes(03.03.2021)

The Plaintiffs commenced present proceedings by originating summons filed 25 January 2021. The Plaintiffs seek relief, including declarations that the.....

Tags : Trust Fund, Legal costs, Entitlement


Discretion to make a spent conviction order should be regarded as of an exceptional character(07.05.2021)

The Appellant was convicted on 27 October 2020 of breach of bail in Kalgoorlie Magistrates Court. She was fined $100 and ordered to pay costs. The App.....

Tags : Spent conviction, Entitlement, Hardship


It is unlawful to discriminate against part-time workers, when a retirement pension falls due for payment(12.07.2017)

Appellant is a retired self-employed barrister, who also held part-time judicial office as a recorder (a part-time judge of Crown Court) between 1 Mar.....

Tags : Pension, Entitlement, Directives, Applicability


The appointment of an interim administrator will only be made if there is sufficient reason to do so(24.06.2021)

In present matter, an application is made on behalf of the first and second Plaintiffs seeking an order appointing them as the joint administrators of.....

Tags : Interim administrator, Appointment, Entitlement


Grantee cannot acquire more rights than those afforded by the grantor(04.11.2020)

Present appeal is directed against an order of the High Court, which upheld the exception raised by the Respondent, Tip Trans Resources (Pty) Ltd. (Ti.....

Tags : Contract, Rights, Entitlement


There must be some valid reason for the discretion to be exercised under Section 482(1) of the Corporations Act, 2001(09.08.2022)

The Plaintiff by originating process seeks orders pursuant to Section 482(1) and Section 482(1A) of the Corporations Act, 2001 for the winding up of H.....

Tags : Winding up, Stay, Entitlement


Court has power to allow liquidator to dispense with Rule 7.5(6) of Supreme Court (Corporations) Rules, 2004(24.08.2023)

By originating process filed on 6 April 2023 (Application), the first and second plaintiffs as liquidators (Liquidators) of Maybach Consulting Pty Ltd.....

Tags : Liquidator, Release, Entitlement


Accommodation is not a home, it is a residence of limited duration for a specific purpose, that is time-bound by the academic year and subject to rotation(03.07.2023)

Present is an appeal against the order of the High Court, dismissing the Appellant’s application to evict the Respondents. The respondents had been ca.....

Tags : Accommodation, Eviction, Entitlement


Court has a discretion to order an inspection if good faith and proper purpose is proved(13.06.2023)

By originating process filed 13thDecember, 2022, the Plaintiff sought an order pursuant to Section 247A of the Corporations Act, 2001 authorising the .....

Tags : Inspection, Records, Entitlement


A collective agreement is a statutory construct, medical scheme is not recognized as a party to the collective agreement by the Labour Relations Act (LRA)(22.12.2023)

The appeal centred around a dispute between the South African Municipal Workers’ Union National Medical Scheme (appellant), a self-administered medica.....

Tags : Collective agreement, Rights, Entitlement


Condonation applications are not a matter of formality, applicant must provide a proper explanation of the causes of the delay and explain each of the periods of delay(08.04.2024)

The Appellant was granted leave to appeal an order of the High Court. In terms of that order, the high court declared unlawful the Appellant’s demolit.....

Tags : Delay, Condonation, Entitlement


Probation officer’s report cannot be used as a substitute for evidence(31.05.2024)

The present eviction application was launched in terms of section 9 of Extension of Security of Tenure Act (ESTA) on the basis that the statutory requ.....

Tags : Eviction, Entitlement, Discretion


Delay itself constitutes a breach of claimant’s Convention rights and gives rise to a right to bring proceedings under Human Rights Act(06.03.2019)

The central issue in present appeal is whether the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland was entitled to order that, a claim for damages under Section 8.....

Tags : Investigation, Delay, Damages, Entitlement


A treaty is binding upon each party in respect of its entire territory unless a different intention is expressed(16.10.2019)

The Appellants in present case are the executors of Mrs Beryl Coulter, who died in Jersey on 9 October 2007, leaving her residuary estate on trust for.....

Tags : Inheritance tax, Relief, Entitlement



If employees choose to accept transition from one concern to another and acquiesce then after decades cannot be permitted to turn back and challenge entire developments(08.08.2016)

In Instant case, Respondents, a group of twenty one employees of PEPSU Roadways claimed that in spite of transfer of that department to the Corporatio.....

Tags : Retiral Benefits, Entitlement


Purpose of import can be gathered from actual use, Supreme Court held that, Show cause notice not time barred as issued soon after the information gathered(08.08.2016)

As soon as information was gathered by DRI, show cause notice was issued. Therefore, Supreme Court opined that, show cause notice had been issued with.....

Tags : Notifications, Exemptions, Entitlement


Mere chance of promotion is not a fundamental right(08.08.2016)

Right to be considered for promotion is a right which flows from applicable rule or a policy governing promotion matters

Petitioners w.....

Tags : Promotion, Entitlement


Incidence of duty in two Enactments independent to each other and one duty can be levied without other(24.08.2016)

Notification No. 37 of 1996 dated 23.7.1996, issued by Government pursuant to trade treaty whereby specified goods in Notification when imported into .....

Tags : Special additional duty, Refund, Entitlement


A person is entitled to compensation, if there is delay in settlement of legitimate claim thereof(21.12.2016)

Present petition has been filed to set aside award passed by second Respondent, Sole Arbitrator in so far as the failure to consider claim for compens.....

Tags : Delay, Compensation, Entitlement


If keys of vehicles left inside ignition socket, it amounts to grave negligence on part of complainant(19.01.2017)

Claim under insurance policy was filed with Insurance Company, but same was repudiated stating that, keys of the vehicle were left in ignition socket .....

Tags : Insurance, Claim, Entitlement


Amendment application should be normally granted unless by virtue of amendment, nature of suit changed or prejudice caused to Defendant(18.01.2017)

Petitioner is objecting to the Order passed by Chairperson of Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal rejecting appeal preferred by Petitioner-original appli.....

Tags : Amendment, Application, Entitlement


Employees of private schools in Delhi ought to receive monetary emoluments equal to similarly placed employees in government schools(17.01.2017)

By present writ petition, Petitioners who are admittedly employees of Respondent no. 1/school, such persons working as Drivers, seek the relief of bei.....

Tags : Salary, Entitlement, Private schools


Mere filing of appeal by convicted person should not be a ground to suspend conviction(16.01.2017)

Present application has been filed by Applicant-appellant under Section 389 read with Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (Cr.P.C.) se.....

Tags : Conviction, Suspension, Entitlement


Bank is Liable to Pay Compensation, if the Original Title Deed had been Lost(20.02.2017)

Instant first appeal has been filed against the impugned order passed by Kerala State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission vide which, Consumer Comp.....

Tags : Compensation, Entitlement, Limitation


Premium collected by Company on its share capital cannot be claimed as deduction(28.03.2017)

Appellant is a Limited Company engaged in business of manufacture and sale of various kinds of paints. For Assessment Year 1996-1997, Appellant (Asses.....

Tags : Assessment, Deduction, Entitlement


A party cannot be allowed to avail of both exemptions, when clear intention is to permit only one exemption(13.07.2017)

In facts of present case, Petitioner is a manufacturer of various models of tractors. Tractors which are so manufactured, are sold both in domestic ma.....

Tags : Duty, Rebate, Entitlement


Right to medical claim cannot be denied merely because name of hospital is not included in Government Order(13.04.2018)

The jurisdiction of present Court has been invoked by the Petitioner by filing present writ petition against the alleged unfair treatment meted out to.....

Tags : Reimbursement, Medical claim, Entitlement


Retiral dues is an employee’s rightful claim and is not a bounty(25.06.2018)

The Petitioner retired as the Director (Finance) of the Institute of Cost Accountant of India, i.e. the respondent No. 1, on June 30, 2016. His grieva.....

Tags : Retiral benefits, Entitlement, Delay


No employee has a right of promotion but has only right to be considered for promotion according to the Rules(10.08.2018)

Present order shall dispose of the application filed by applicant seeking review of the judgment. The writ petition was allowed by present Court holdi.....

Tags : Post, Promotion, Entitlement


A government employee is entitled to get his previous service counted for purpose of pensionary benefits(08.08.2018)

The current application has been filed seeking the relief to Direct the Respondents (DTTE, GNCT of Delhi) to count the previous/past service (w.e.f. 2.....

Tags : Pensionary benefits, Previous service, Entitlement


FIR cannot be quashed at the threshold itself without allowing the investigation to proceed(01.08.2018)

In present petition, the Petitioners crave the indulgence of present Court in quashing the FIR registered against them at Police Station. The complain.....

Tags : FIR, Quashing of, Entitlement


A litigant can take different stands at different times but cannot take contradictory stands in the same case(08.10.2018)

The Appellant is an assignee of debt by the Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd. ("IFCI") for the outstanding of Mahendra Petrochemicals Ltd. .....

Tags : Substitution, Secured creditor, Entitlement


There should be a finality attached to the issue once it stands decided by the higher Courts on merits(05.12.2016)

Appellant was Ruler of the princely State of Kota. He owned extensive properties which, included two residential palaces known as "Umed Bhawan Palace".....

Tags : Levy, exemption, Entitlement


In a case of composite negligence where liability is joint and several, it is choice of claimants to claim compensation from either of tortfeasor(17.11.2018)

Instant appeals arise out of the same accident. Tribunal fastened the entire liability upon the Insurance Company to pay compensation on the ground th.....

Tags : Negligence, Compensation, Entitlement


Court could hear appeal on any other substantial question of law not formulated by it, but only after recording reasons that, case involves such a question(15.02.2019)

The Appellant had filed the suit for specific performance of Agreement to Sell that was decreed by the Court of Additional Civil Judge, by the judgmen.....

Tags : Specific performance, Agreement, Entitlement


Once it is held that power bank is also a kind of mobile charger, benefit of Notification will be available(14.01.2019)

In facts of the present case, the Respondent assessee was engaged in the manufacture of power bank/portable mobile charger out of imported components......

Tags : Classification, Exemption, Entitlement


Grant of relief of specific performance is a discretionary and equitable relief(07.01.2019)

The Appellant filed the civil suit against the Respondents claiming specific performance of the contract in relation to the suit land. The Respondents.....

Tags : Agreement, Specific performance, Entitlement


In cases of medical negligence, where a special skill or competence is attributed to a doctor, a doctor need not possess highest expert skill, at risk of being found negligent(25.02.2019)

The sad demise of the wife of the Appellant has resulted in the legal proceedings being initiated by the Appellant on a belief that, the cause of her .....

Tags : Medical negligence, Compensation, Entitlement


A decision rendered by Courts in an unsatisfactory conducting of trial of suit is not legally sustainable(28.03.2019)

The Appellant (Plaintiff) filed Civil Suit against the original Respondent (Defendant) for permanent injunction in relation to the suit property. The .....

Tags : Fair opportunity, Right to contest, Entitlement


Failure of a lawyer in taking timely steps, which resulted in causing delay in its filing/refiling, cannot be regarded as a sufficient cause to condone the delay(12.03.2019)

In the facts of present case, the Respondent filed a civil suit against the Appellants (HUDA) claiming a decree for declaration with consequential rel.....

Tags : Delay, Condonation, Entitlement


Amendment in pleadings cannot be refused merely because of some mistake, negligence, inadvertence or even infraction of Rules of Procedure(01.03.2019)

The Order passed by the High Court of Delhi is subject matter of challenge in the present appeal. By the aforesaid order, a petition against an order .....

Tags : Plaint, Amendment, Entitlement


Mere repeated representations will not revive cause of action and cannot be a valid ground for present Court to overlook delay(10.04.2019)

The Petitioner has approached present Court seeking a direction to consider and promote him from the Post of Inspector (GD) to Subedar Major and then .....

Tags : Promotion, Entitlement, Discretion


Mere show-cause notice or charge-sheet does not infringe the right of anyone, a writ petition lies when some right of any party is infringed(10.05.2019)

Present Original Application has been filed challenging the legality, validity and propriety of charge-sheet. The Applicant is also aggrieved by an or.....

Tags : Chargesheet, Quashing of, Entitlement


Judgment on all issues is to be pronounced mandatorily(04.06.2019)

Present appeal has been filed by the original Claimants challenging the dismissal of their claim petition under Section 166 of the Motor Vehicles Act,.....

Tags : Award, Compensation, Entitlement


Mere presence of a body on railway premises will not be conclusive to hold that, injured or deceased was a bona fide passenger for compensation claim(09.04.2019)

The Applicant has filed present claim petition under Section 16 of the Railway Claims Tribunal Act, 1987 seeking compensation for an amount of Rs. 4,0.....

Tags : Cause of death, Proof, Compensation, Entitlement


Information is liable to be disclosed when larger public interest of the employees is involved(18.04.2019)

The Appellant vide his RTI application sought information regarding Cambata Aviation Pvt. Ltd., certified copy of the balance sheet and P/L Account fo.....

Tags : Information, Disclosure, Entitlement


Control by Government authorities requires managerial control on day to day functioning of such society in order to claim exemption provided for purchase of hospital equipment(03.06.2019)

Rejection of Appellant's claim for exemption of customs duty under Notification No. 63/88-Cus against purchase of hospital equipment (C.T. Scanner) by.....

Tags : Notification, Exemption, Entitlement


Suo motu credit cannot be taken without applying for refund(04.06.2019)

In present case, the Appellants are engaged in the manufacture of transformers. For smooth functioning of the said final product, the Appellants use t.....

Tags : Suo motu credit, Cenvat account, Entitlement


Expert opinion is not mandatory while adjudicating a complaint of medical negligence(02.05.2019)

Challenge in present Revision Petition under Section 21 (b) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is to the order passed by the State Commission. By th.....

Tags : Medical negligence, Compensation, Entitlement


Concurrent findings of lower Fora can only be challenged on ground of miscarriage of justice or if order was against existing law or perverse(17.06.2019)

In facts of present case, the Petitioner/Complainant stated in his Complaint that, he handed over a carton 50 pcs of Gun metal bushes to Opposite Part.....

Tags : Compensation, Enhancement, Entitlement


Power of rejection or refusal can be exercised by State Government after giving an opportunity of being heard(18.06.2019)

The challenge in present petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India is to the order passed by the first Respondent which has been confirm.....

Tags : Personal hearing, Opportunity, Entitlement


Adjustment or exercise of banker's lien can be made, only if, employee makes over pensionary benefits voluntarily to the bank(03.08.2017)

In present case, Petitioner seeks gratuity from his employer. Petitioner submitted that, the Petitioner was an employee of a bank. A disciplinary proc.....

Tags : Gratuity, Entitlement, Loan, Adjustment


Bail cannot be granted, if it appears considering the antecedents of Applicant, that by taking advantage of anticipatory bail order, he will flee from justice(06.07.2019)

In present case, learned Senior Advocate for the Applicant apprehends imminent arrest in view of the lodgment of First Information Report for alleged.....

Tags : Anticipatory Bail, Grounds, Entitlement


Terms on which applications for compassionate appointment would be considered should be strictly adhered to and are subject to policy framed(06.09.2019)

The brief facts of the case are that, the Applicant is the daughter of Late Unnikrishnan K, who died in harness while working as Telecom Mechanic. The.....

Tags : Appointment, Compassionate ground, Entitlement


If amount is not voluntarily paid by assessee and later on case is decided in his favour, then he is entitled to interest from date of deposits made by assessee(18.11.2019)

The present appeal is directed against the impugned order passed by the Commissioner (Appeals) whereby the Commissioner (Appeals) has allowed the inte.....

Tags : Interest, Entitlement, Date


Liberalised Family Pension is payable only to family members of Armed Forces personnel who have died in action(23.09.2019)

In present matter, Naib Subedar Umed Singh was enrolled in the Army. On 19th December, 2001, he was posted at the International Border in Operation Pa.....

Tags : Family members, Pension, Entitlement


A decision on debatable point of law or fact cannot be corrected by way of rectification(11.11.2019)

Present order disposes of an application praying for rectification of mistake in final order. Learned Counsel for the applicant has submitted that, pr.....

Tags : Final order, Rectification, Entitlement


Bonafide necessity would lie only if there is a bonafide need as distinct from a mere desire for additional space(18.10.2019)

Petitioner impugns order whereby the leave to defend application of the Petitioner has been dismissed and an eviction order passed. Eviction petition .....

Tags : Eviction, Leave to defend, Entitlement


If a Court is satisfied that, personal attendance of an Accused before it need not be insisted on, then Court has power to dispense with attendance of Accused(16.12.2019)

In facts of present case, the Appellant submitted an application before the learned Trial Court under Section 205 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1.....

Tags : Appearance, Exemption, Entitlement


Merely because the wife is capable of earning is not a sufficient reason to deny her the maintenance(18.12.2019)

The present revision petition assails the order passed by Family Court in Complaint Case. Vide the aforesaid order passed in the petition filed under .....

Tags : Interim maintenance, Award, Entitlement


Grant of remission or parole is not a right vested with the prisoner; it is a privilege available to the prisoner on fulfilling certain conditions(26.06.2020)

The Petitioner has been convicted for the offences punishable under Sections 302, 392, 328, 473, 34 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) and has now sough.....

Tags : Parole, Release, Entitlement


While applying the multiplier method, future prospects on advancement in life and career are also to be taken into consideration(27.07.2020)

In present matter, the Appellant was travelling from Chennai to Bangalore in a bus owned by the Respondent State Corporation. While the bus was moving.....

Tags : Accident, Compensation, Entitlement


Refund claim cannot be withheld on mere basis that, a notice has been issued under Section 143(2) of IT Act(27.07.2020)

Present writ petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, 1950 seeks mandamus for directing the Respondent to grant refund as determined u.....

Tags : Pending Assessment, Refund, Entitlement


Doctor is not liable for negligence, if he performs his duty with reasonableness and with due care(29.06.2020)

The Complainant Satbir Singh ('the patient') while attending marriage of his friend due to fire cracker explosion suffered burn/crush injury to his ri.....

Tags : Injury, Compensation, Entitlement


Merely asking an official, who substantively holds a lower post, to discharge the duties of a higher post cannot be treated as a promotion(20.07.2020)

In present case, the Petitioner is seeking a 'Writ of Mandamus' upon the Respondents directing them to regularize/confirm/promote the Petitioner to th.....

Tags : Promotion, Right, Entitlement


Secondary evidence can be permitted to be produced where party establishes factual foundation(13.05.2020)

Present appeal is directed against the judgment passed by the High Court whereby the High Court confirmed the order passed by the Civil Judge in appli.....

Tags : Will, Secondary evidence, Entitlement


Application under Section 438 of Cr. PC is maintainable, even if, a person has been declared as proclaimed offender(12.05.2020)

Present is first bail application preferred by the Applicant under Section 438 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) wherein he is apprehending h.....

Tags : Bail, Absconder, Entitlement


Petitioner cannot get any relief, when there is non-disclosure of godowns and non-payment of tax which ultimately demonstrated misconduct(24.02.2020)

The subject matter of challenge in the instant writ proceeding is in respect of a seizure order dated 10th May, 2018, issued by the Respondent no. 4, .....

Tags : Seized goods, Release, Entitlement


In absence of any remote connection with larger public interest, information relating to attendance record of staff members would be exempted(31.08.2020)

The Appellant filed an application under Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001 (DRTI Act, 2001) before Respondent No. 5 (Director of Education, Delhi) .....

Tags : Information, Disclosure, Entitlement


Progress of the criminal law, once legitimately set in motion, should not be halted by judicial diktat, save in exceptional circumstances(06.05.2020)

Present writ petition, preferred under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) read with Article 226 of the Constitution of India, .....

Tags : Proceedings, Quashing of, Entitlement


Once a law has been made by the appropriate legislature, then it is not open for executive authorities to surreptitiously subvert its mandate(30.09.2020)

Present petitions, have been filed seeking special leave to appeal against a common order of the High Court through which their appeal against convict.....

Tags : Probation, Release, Entitlement


Promotion includes advancement to a higher pay scale without moving to a different post(06.08.2020)

The Appellants were all working as Telephone Operators with the Delhi Fire Service ("DFS"). On account of reorganisation of the wireless communication.....

Tags : Promotion, Pay scale, Entitlement


Power to transfer the petition under Section 21A of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 can be invoked only when the subsequent petition is either for judicial separation or for divorce(06.11.2020)

In present matter, the parties got married on 19th November, 2015 at Delhi. It appears that, disputes arose between the parties and the parties starte.....

Tags : Divorce petition, Transfer, Entitlement


Conduct of the victim is also relevant for deciding bail application of rape accused(11.11.2020)

In facts of present case, a boy aged 20 years, who is incarcerating upon his arrest for alluring and raping a minor girl, has come up before present C.....

Tags : Bail, Entitlement, Conditions


General allegation of 'surcharged atmosphere' is not sufficient to transfer a case from one Court to another(25.11.2020)

Present petitions are filed under Section 406 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) read with Order XXXIX of the Supreme Court Rules seeking .....

Tags : Trial, Transfer, Entitlement


Seniority of promotees is determined on the basis of date of appointment(26.11.2020)

Present appeals challenge the common judgment of the Rajasthan High Court. The Division Bench of the High Court by the impugned judgment set aside an .....

Tags : Promotees, Seniority, Entitlement


Bail decision must enter the cumulative effect of the variety of circumstances justifying the grant or refusal of bail(24.11.2020)

In present matter, based on a complaint, the police arrested the Petitioner in FIR registered under Section 304, 201 read with Section 34 of Indian Pe.....

Tags : Bail, Entitlement, Conditions


Court has to consider effect of subsequent development on bona fide need of landlord(07.02.2017)

Instant appeal by way of special leave is preferred against order passed by High Court wherein High Court affirmed order passed by Additional District.....

Tags : Eviction, Bonafide need, Entitlement


Married daughters are eligible to seeking benefit of compassionate appointment(15.12.2020)

Petitioner in present petition has challenged the order denying appointment on compassionate ground on the death of her father on the score that she i.....

Tags : Married daughters, Compassionate appointment, Entitlement


In a Motor Accident Compensation Claims, compensation for 'loss of consortium' can be awarded to children and parents also(07.09.2020)

Present appeals have been filed by three Insurance Companies, i.e., New India Assurance Company Limited, Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Lt.....

Tags : Accident, Compensation, Entitlement


Gravity alone cannot be a decisive ground to deny bail, rather competing factors are required to be balanced by the Court while exercising its discretion(06.11.2020)

Bail Petitioner, who is behind the bars since 14.5.2020 in FIR registered under Sections 341, 323, 325, 307, 504, 506, 201 and 34 of Indian Penal Code.....

Tags : Bail, Entitlement, Conditions


Statement recorded at the back of assessee cannot be used in evidence against the assessee, unless the right of cross-examination have been granted(17.02.2021)

Present appeal by Assessee has been directed against the Order of the Learned Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeal) [CIT(A)], New Delhi, for the Assessm.....

Tags : Additions, Cross-examination, Entitlement


Petition for police protection under Section 482 of CrPC is not maintainable(11.01.2021)

The Petitioner Company was running a Factory at Ranipet and it had employed nearly 146 persons to carry on with its operations. Certain demands were r.....

Tags : Pending dispute, Police protection, Entitlement


Standard of proof in Motor Accident Claim Cases is one of preponderance of probabilities rather than beyond reasonable doubt(08.12.2020)

Present appeals are directed against the judgment passed by the High Court whereby the first appeal preferred by the New India Assurance Co. Ltd. (Res.....

Tags : Accident, Compensation, Entitlement


Non-explanation for delay in intimating the fact of disposal to detenu renders further detention invalid(21.12.2020)

The Petitioner - detenu takes an exception to the order of detention passed by the Respondent No. 1 - the Commissioner of Police, detaining him for th.....

Tags : Detention, Release, Entitlement


To avail benefit under Section 54 of IT Act, unutilized portion of capital gains has to be deposited by assessee in capital gain account scheme before due date of filing of return of income(23.12.2020)

Present appeal filed by the assessee is directed against order of the learned Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) [CIT(A)]. The assessee argued that,.....

Tags : Assessment, Exemption, Entitlement


Maintenance is to be awarded from the date on which the application is made before the concerned Court(25.01.2021)

Inherent power under section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) is invoked to challenge the judgment rendered by the Additional Sessio.....

Tags : Monetary relief, Entitlement, Date


Plea for transfer of case should not be entertained on mere apprehension of a hyper sensitive person(16.10.2020)

The present petitions are filed under Section 406 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) read with Order XXXIX of the Supreme Court Rules seek.....

Tags : Apprehension, Transfer plea, Entitlement


Acceptance of the offer must be absolute and unqualified and cannot be conditional(05.01.2021)

Present appeal is against a common Judgment and Order passed by the High Court confirming a Judgment and Order of the Additional Senior Civil Judge, a.....

Tags : Refund, Earnest Deposits, Entitlement


FIR is not a substantive piece of evidence; it can be used only for purposes of corroboration or contradiction of maker only(08.05.2017)

Aggrieved by nil award passed by learned Member, Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, present appeal is preferred by appellant-claimants. Appellant claimed.....

Tags : Nil Award, Compensation, Entitlement


Refund claim cannot be converted into rebate claim without following prescribed procedure(15.05.2017)

In facts of present case, Appellants are engaged in manufacture of excisable goods falling under Chapter Heading 7308 90 90 of Central Excise Tariff A.....

Tags : Refund, Entitlement, Procedure, Compliance


Arbitration clause in Agreement does not bar jurisdiction of Consumer Fora to entertain Complaint(21.05.2019)

The brief facts in present case are that the Complainant, lured by the rosy representation of the officials of the Developer and the promise of posses.....

Tags : Service, Deficiency, Refund, Entitlement


Promotion of candidate takes effect from date of minimum period of eligibility(08.03.2021)

The prayer of the Petitioners in present petitions is that, they should be promoted to the post of Professor from the post of Associate Professor with.....

Tags : Promotion, Entitlement, Eligibility


Payment of extortion money does not amount to terror funding(09.04.2021)

The Appellant is accused of committing offences under Sections 120B/414/384/386/387 of the Indian Penal Code,1860 (IPC) read with Sections 17/18/21 of.....

Tags : Charge-sheet, Bail, Entitlement


Compassionate employment cannot be granted after a lapse of reasonable period(09.04.2021)

The Respondent requested the Appellants to appoint her son in the place of his father who was missing since 2002 which was rejected. Aggrieved thereby.....

Tags : Compassionate appointment, Entitlement, time period


When disputed questions of facts are involved which need to be adjudicated after parties adduce evidence, complaint under Section 138 of NI Act ought not to be quashed(06.04.2021)

The complainant filed a complaint under Sections 138/141/142 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (NI Act) before the learned trial Court for remedies .....

Tags : Complaint, Quashing of, Entitlement


Parties who privately agree to settle their dispute outside the modes contemplated under Section 89 of the CPC are also entitled to refund of Court fees(17.02.2021)

Present special leave petitions arise out of judgment of the High Court. By the impugned judgment, the High Court allowed Petitions filed by the Respo.....

Tags : Court fees, Refund, Entitlement


Benefit of probation under Probation of Offenders Act, 1958 is not excluded by the provisions of the mandatory minimum sentence prescribed for offences under IPC(19.01.2021)

The Appellants were youngsters aged 20 and 19 years, when they fell foul of the law. In pursuance to the reporting of the crime by complainant, an FIR.....

Tags : Probation, Benefit, Entitlement


Any delay beyond the extended period of thirty days after expiry of normal period of sixty days, cannot be condoned(01.04.2021)

Present appeal is directed against the order passed by the Commissioner of Customs (Appeals), by which the appeal filed to assail the order passed by .....

Tags : Delay, Condonation, Entitlement


Discharge under Section 239 of the CrPC can be ordered, when the Magistrate considers the charge against the accused to be groundless(01.03.2021)

The case is instituted upon the complaint filed by the first Respondent ('the complainant'). The offences alleged against the accused in the case are .....

Tags : Evidence, Discharge, Entitlement


If Refund is delayed by three months after filling Application for Refund, claimant becomes eligible to get interest(01.04.2021)

The Appellant has filed present Appeal against the impugned order-in-appeal passed by the Commissioner (Appeals), CGST and Central Excise, wherein SAD.....

Tags : Refund, Interest, Entitlement


Defamatory complaints by highly educated spouse irreparably damaging reputation and career of partner amounts to mental cruelty entitling divorce decree(26.02.2021)

The challenge in present appeals is to the judgment and order in the First Appeal whereby the High Court had allowed both appeals by reversing the com.....

Tags : Marriage, Dissolution, Entitlement


Export of goods does not attract duty as the export goods can be cleared either under bond or under claim for rebate(23.02.2021)

The brief facts of the case are that, the Appellant had imported certain capital goods under duty free EPCG scheme in the year 2011. The said capital .....

Tags : Cenvat credit, Rebate, Entitlement


Huge delay cannot be condoned under Section 61 of the I and B Code(22.02.2021)

In facts of present case, impugned order has been passed by the Adjudicating Authority (National Company Law Tribunal) dismissing Appellant's applicat.....

Tags : Delay, Condonation, Entitlement


Deduction under Section 80-IA of IT Act is not restricted to 'Business Income' only(28.04.2021)

By an order of assessment, the Assessing Officer restricted the eligible deduction under Section 80-IA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (IT Act) to the ext.....

Tags : Eligible deduction, Entitlement, Legality


Benefits flowing from MACP Scheme are incentives and not part of pay(28.04.2021)

The short question that falls for consideration of present Court in present Appeals is whether the Government of India is justified in implementing th.....

Tags : Benefits, MACP Scheme, Entitlement


A statement recorded under Section 67 of the NDPS Act cannot be used as a confessional statement in the trial of an offence under the NDPS Act(18.03.2021)

Petitioner has been accused of having committed offences under Sections 22(C), 23(C) & 29 of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (NDP.....

Tags : Proceedings, Bail, Entitlement


Irrational and indiscriminate arrests are gross violation of human rights(20.05.2021)

The instant anticipatory bail application has been filed with a prayer to grant anticipatory bail to the applicants, in Case Crime under Sections-323,.....

Tags : Arrest, Bail, Entitlement


Grant of benefits of higher pay scale to Central/State Government employees stand on different footing than grant of pay scale by an instrumentality of State(09.07.2021)

The present appeals are directed against an order passed by the Division Bench of the High Court whereby the writ petitions filed by the Respondents w.....

Tags : Pay-scale, Entitlement, Direction


In cases pertaining to heinous offences, especially those of non-bailable offences, bails should be granted in a judicious manner(10.05.2021)

The present petition has been preferred by the Petitioner seeking bail in FIR under Sections 323, 341 and 354 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) and Sec.....

Tags : FIR, Bail, Entitlement


An employee has a right to claim interest on delayed payment of retirement benefits(21.06.2021)

The writ Petitioner joined Durgapur Projects Limited, a Government of West Bengal Enterprise, on August 18, 1980. Durgapur Projects Limited is a State.....

Tags : Gratuity, Interest, Entitlement


In exercise of jurisdiction vested in present Court under Article 227 of the Constitution, Court is not to reappraise facts(27.07.2021)

Present petition has been filed by the Plaintiff before the learned Trial Court under Article 227 of the Constitution of India, 1950 praying that the .....

Tags : Possession, Injunction, Entitlement


When there has been devolution of interest during pendency of suit, suit may, by leave of Court, be continued by or against persons upon whom such interest has devolved(10.07.2017)

By present application, challenge is made to order passed by District Judge, whereby appellate Court rejected application of Petitioner under Order XX.....

Tags : Interest, Devolution, Substitution, Entitlement


Tribunal cannot accept disability certificate without examining Doctor concerned(26.06.2019)

Present appeal has been filed by the original claimant for enhancement of compensation. He had filed Petition before Motor Accident Claimed Tribunal, .....

Tags : Compensation, Enhancement, Entitlement


State is liable to compensate for loss or injury suffered by a citizen due to arbitrary action of its employees(11.06.2021)

Present writ petition has been filed praying for the issuance of writ, order or direction in the nature of mandamus directing the Respondents to give .....

Tags : Detention, Compensation, Entitlement


If the contract prohibits pre-reference and pendente lite interest, the arbitrator cannot award interest for the said period(04.10.2021)

Present appeal is directed against the Order of the Division Bench of the High Court whereby it has upheld the judgment of the learned Single Judge re.....

Tags : Award, Interest, Entitlement


Existence of necessary connection between the activities of foreign-seated defendants to target Indian customer must be established(26.10.2021)

The Plaintiff is a company incorporated in India. The Plaintiff seeks a permanent injunction, restraining the Defendants from using the trademark "TAT.....

Tags : Infringement, Injunction, Entitlement


Aggrieved party is expected to exercise due diligence and apply for a certified copy upon pronouncement of the order(22.10.2021)

Present appeal arises under Section 62 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) from the judgement of the National Company Law Appellate Trib.....

Tags : Time period, Extension, Entitlement


Corpus funds received by the trust are capital receipts, not includible in income of the trust(20.10.2021)

The assessee is a trust, filed its return of income claiming exemption under Section 11 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (IT Act). The Assessing Officer, o.....

Tags : Assessment, Deduction, Entitlement


Land used for quarrying is not covered by term ‘commercial site’ and therefore not exempted from applicability of Kerala Land Reforms Act(30.09.2019)

The width and amplitude of the expression 'commercial site' in Section 2(5) and Section 81(1)(q) of the Kerala Land Reforms Act, 1963, falls for consi.....

Tags : Quarrying purposes, Exemption, Entitlement


Courts should refrain from appreciating the evidence, while considering the bail application(23.08.2021)

The Petitioner has filed the present bail application seeking bail in a case arising out of FIR registered for commission of offences punishable under.....

Tags : Bail, Proceedings, Entitlement


Insolvency resolution process has to be completed within 330 days maximum, but in exceptional cases, the period can be extended by Adjudicating Authority/Appellate Tribunal(04.01.2022)

Present Appeals have been filed against judgment passed by the National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai Bench, rejecting the application filed by the Res.....

Tags : Period, Extension, Entitlement


Benefit of ad hoc service, rendered by an employee, prior to his regular service on the same post would count for the purpose of increment and pension(28.12.2021)

The Petitioner was appointed as Junior Basic Teacher in Education Department on 12th September, 1994 on ad hoc basis and thereafter his services were .....

Tags : Ad hoc service, Pensionary benefits, Entitlement


In absence of any challenge to the facts recorded by the ITAT, the question so posed by the Revenue cannot be termed as substantial question of law(27.12.2021)

In instant matter, Respondent filed his income tax return for the A.Y. 2008-09 on 30th September, 2008 and declared income of Rs. 1,66,75,690. This in.....

Tags : Assessment, Exemption, Entitlement


Mere raising of certain claim in the suit and fact that issues require determination before trial court does not give a blanket right to the Plaintiff to claim the interim relief in the suit(27.12.2021)

The Appellant through the medium of the present appeal seeks setting aside of order passed by the learned Court of Principal District Judge, whereby t.....

Tags : Legal possession, Interim relief, Entitlement


When the time limit for taking credit was not prescribed on date of issue of invoices, the subsequent amendment stipulating the time limit for availing the credit shall not apply(14.12.2021)

The issue involved in the present appeal is that whether the Appellant is entitled for cenvat credit on the input service, when the credit was availed.....

Tags : Assessment, Cenvat credit, Entitlement


Exemption under Sections 11 and 12 of the IT Act is available as Assessee is not engaged in trade, commerce and business and its dominant and prime objective is charitable in nature(24.09.2021)

In present matter, Assessee being a society registered under Societies Registration Act is also granted registration under section 12A of the Income-t.....

Tags : Assessment, Exemption, Entitlement


Transaction value at which the goods are sold has to be taken for the purpose of assessment(10.12.2021)

The issue involved is that, whether the Appellant is entitled for Cenvat Credit in respect of GTA services. The Appellants submits that, the adjudicat.....

Tags : Assessment, Cenvat credit, Entitlement


Where one or more members of the family are already in Government Service, employment assistance should not be provided to the second or third member of the family(03.01.2022)

Petitioner had filed original application before present Court. Learned counsel for the Petitioner has submitted that, the father of the Petitioner wa.....

Tags : Appointment, Entitlement, Policy


Temporary non-use of premises due to the lockdown cannot be construed as rendering the lease void(21.05.2020)

The present revision petition was filed by the Appellants/Tenants (“Tenants”) challenging the order passed by the learned Senior Civil Judge-cum-Rent .....

Tags : Eviction, Suspension, Rent, Entitlement


Adjudicating Authority is only required to ascertain existence of default from records of an information utility(22.05.2020)

The twin appeals preferred by the same 'Financial Creditor' viz 'Allahabad Bank' against two different 'Corporate Debtors' primarily assail the orders.....

Tags : Application, Admission, Entitlement


Child of second wife of an employee could not be denied compassionate appointment(24.02.2022)

The short issue arising for consideration, in this case, is whether the condition imposed by the Railway Board circular that compassionate appointment.....

Tags : Appointment, Entitlement, Direction


An application under Order 39 Rule 4 of CPC is permissible only if in the application seeking temporary injunction, a party has made false and misleading statement(21.02.2022)

Appellant impugns order whereby the application filed by the Appellant as also by Respondent no. 1 under Order 39 Rule 4 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1.....

Tags : Application, Modification, Entitlement


Reinstatement cannot flow as a matter of right, when acquittal is not an honourable acquittal(10.02.2022)

The present petition has been filed assailing the order of the Respondent, whereby the Petitioner was dismissed from service under Rule 19(i) of the C.....

Tags : Acquittal, Reinstatement, Entitlement


Excess payments made to the employees during the pendency of the application before the Tribunal could not be recovered(27.10.2020)

By present writ petition, the employer has approached the Court challenging an order passed by the Industrial Court, whereby a Complaint filed by the .....

Tags : Excess amounts, Recovery, Entitlement


Equation of posts and equation of pay are matters primarily for the executive government and expert bodies like Pay Commission and not for the Courts(29.06.2022)

Present writ petition is directed against the order of the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, Mumbai dismissing Original Application. The two petiti.....

Tags : Appointment, Equal pay, Entitlement


Liability to pay the interest on compensation shall be from the date of accident(11.03.2022)

The heirs of the deceased – labourer working on sugarcane field have preferred the present appeal against the impugned judgment passed by the High Cou.....

Tags : Compensation, Interest, Entitlement


Presumption that possession must be deemed to follow title, arises only where there is no definite proof of possession by anyone else(27.08.2020)

Present appeals are against a common judgment dismissing the Second Appeal filed by the Appellant, but allowing the Second Appeal filed by the Respond.....

Tags : Title, Declaration, Entitlement


Statute provides for mandatory payment of interest and there is no discretionary power with the Revenue Authority in the matter of interest(25.05.2022)

The issue involved in present appeal is whether the Commissioner (Appeals) has rightly rejected the claim of interest, on the grant of belated refunds.....

Tags : Refund, Interest, Entitlement


Scope of judicial review is limited to the deficiency in decision making process and not the decision(20.06.2022)

The sum and substance of the grievances of the Petitioners is that, their names have not been included in the final selection list by the Selection Co.....

Tags : Selection criteria, Eligibility, Entitlement


Once it is proved that, debit/credit note have been acted upon and the incidence of duty earlier passed on, have been neutralised, refund would be admissible(04.07.2022)

The issue in present appeal is whether the refund claim filed by the Appellant for excess duty paid due to price revision with retrospective effect, w.....

Tags : Duty, Refund, Entitlement


Court may exercise powers under Article 226 of the Constitution to provide appropriate relief when it is established that there is a manifest error in evaluation of examination papers(12.09.2022)

The Petitioner has filed the present petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, 1950 praying that direction be issued to the Respondent .....

Tags : Re-evaluation, Answer-sheets, Entitlement


Adjudicating authority cannot travel beyond the charges levelled in the show cause notice(19.10.2022)

The appeal is directed against the order in original whereby the learned Commissioner rejected the application for remission of duty in respect of the.....

Tags : Duty, Remission, Entitlement


Interim orders are always subject to the final decision(12.12.2022)

The employee – workman has preferred the present appeal feeling aggrieved and dissatisfied with impugned judgment passed by the High Court by which, t.....

Tags : Reinstatement, Wages, Entitlement


'Documents or book or things' can be retained for a maximum period of four and half years, within which period the notice has to be issued(12.12.2022)

The Petitioner in the present case seeks return of his laptop, computer, documents and other things which were seized by the Respondents / Directorate.....

Tags : Goods, Release, Entitlement


Exemption provisions are to be read as they are and to be construed literally and should be given a literal meaning(09.01.2023)

The manufacturer – original revisionist has preferred the present appeal feeling aggrieved with the impugned judgment and order passed by the High Cou.....

Tags : Goods, Exemption, Entitlement


Authorities are required to assist the assessee in the assessment proceedings by giving effect to the correct position of law(01.12.2022)

In present matter, the assessee raised grounds of appeal challenging the action of CIT(A) in confirming the order of AO in denying exemption under Sec.....

Tags : Assessment, Exemption, Entitlement


Previous sanction for prosecution of the public servant is necessary whether the act or omission for which the accused is charged, has a reasonable nexus with discharge of official duty(15.11.2022)

Present is an application under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 ('CrPC') seeking discharge. The applicant (accused No. 13) has ini.....

Tags : Discharge, Entitlement, Sanction


If an issue is related to payment or refixation of pay or pension, relief can be granted in spite of delay as it does not affect the rights of third parties(14.11.2022)

Petitioner impugns order whereby the original application of the Petitioner impugning order was dismissed. Petitioner is also aggrieved by order where.....

Tags : Pension, Delay, Entitlement


Personal liberty of a person has to be balanced with that of any condition imposed on him by a Court of law(09.08.2023)

The instant petition under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 has been filed on behalf of petitioner seeking setting aside and modifi.....

Tags : Travel, Permission, Entitlement


Any amount over and above Central Government Health Scheme rates can’t be reimbursed(26.06.2023)

Petitioner assails judgment and order passed by Central Administrative Tribunal, Mumbai dismissing the Original Application. The Original Application .....

Tags : Reimbursement, Balance amount, Entitlement


Referral may be refused only when the Court is certain that a valid arbitration agreement does not exist(12.06.2023)

In facts of present case, a fire broke out in the premises of the Petitioner due to an electric short circuit, which caused considerable loss and dama.....

Tags : Dispute, Referral, Entitlement


Assessee is entitled to exemption under Section 40A(3) of IT Act, if the assessee is not able to make the payment through banking channel due to freezing of the bank account(08.09.2023)

Two additions, namely, Rs. 47,60,415 and Rs. 2,63,06,238 made under Section 40(a)(ia) and 40A(3) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (IT Act) are challenged i.....

Tags : Assessment, Exemption, Entitlement


Employee cannot approach the employer at the fag end of his employment seeking a change in the date of birth(30.05.2023)

The Petitioner who is in employment of the respondents - Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran has approached present Court at the fag end of his service ten.....

Tags : DOB, Change, Entitlement


Mere availability of injured/dead-body in a railway yard does not per-se prove that, dead-body is of a passenger travelling in a train(17.08.2017)

The present claim application has been filed by parents of the deceased under Section 16 of the Railway Claims Tribunal Act, 1989 seeking compensation.....

Tags : Untoward accident, Compensation, Entitlement


State Governments have power to levy sales tax on value of material in execution of the works contract(28.08.2017)

In facts of present case, in the year 1954, the State Government of Rajasthan enacted Rajasthan Sales Tax Act in order to tax the sales and purchase o.....

Tags : Works contract, Exemption, Entitlement


Complainant is entitled to delay period interest under Section 18 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016(17.07.2023)

Present complaint is filed under Section 18 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 before this Authority against the project SHRIRA.....

Tags : Interest, Delay, Entitlement


Retrenchment of a workman without complying with conditions mentioned under Section 25-F (a) and (b) of the ID Act, 1947, would not result in reinstatement of workman(29.06.2021)

Present Letters Patent Appeal is directed against the judgment passed by the learned Single Judge of present Court. A short question, which arises for.....

Tags : Retrenchment, Compensation, Entitlement


Once employee opted for VRS and his decision had been accepted by Corporation, he cannot be permitted to take plea of ignorance about terms and conditions of Scheme(13.07.2023)

The Petitioner vide the instant Writ Petition is impugning the validity of the retirement order issued by the Respondent Corporation. Petitioner is se.....

Tags : Retirement order, Pensionary benefits, Entitlement


Insurance company is expected to act on its promise in a fair manner and not just care for its own profits(08.08.2023)

The issues that arise for consideration in present appeal is with regard to claim of compensation. During the year 1994, the Appellant, a registered p.....

Tags : Loss, Compensation, Entitlement


Any relief based on a contract of personal service cannot be enforced in exercise of writ jurisdiction(25.07.2023)

In facts of present case, the Petitioner came to be appointed as an Assistant Teacher at Respondent no.6-Junior College that is being run by Responden.....

Tags : Arrears, Salary, Entitlement


Arbitration agreement would be considered as in writing, if it is contained in exchange of letters, telex, telegrams or other means of telecommunication(04.10.2023)

The Appellant has filed the present appeal under Section 37(1)(a) of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Arbitration Act') impugning an order .....

Tags : Dispute, Reference, Entitlement


Court has discretion to add any person as a party who is found to be a necessary party or proper party(19.10.2023)

Present petition has been filed challenging the order passed by the Trial Courtdismissing the application seeking impleadment in the suit. The Petitio.....

Tags : Impleadment, Entitlement, Discretion


State cannot be permitted to perfect its title over the land by invoking doctrine of adverse possession to grab property of its own citizens(08.01.2020)

The Appellant now almost 80 years old, was undisputedly the owner of land admeasuring about 3.34 Hectares in Himachal Pradesh. The Respondent-State to.....

Tags : Compensation, Right, Entitlement


Delay beyond 15 days cannot be condoned in any manner(01.11.2023)

Present appeal is filed along with an application seeking condonation of delay of 15 days in filing of the appeal. The impugned order was passed on 23.....

Tags : Delay, Condonation, Entitlement


Minimum service stipulated in Rules cannot be ignored while considering claim for invalid pension(04.12.2019)

Present appeal arises out of the judgment whereunder the High Court has dismissed the Appellants' challenge to the order of the Odisha Administrative .....

Tags : Qualifying service, Pension, Entitlement


Courts must not interfere with the eligibility criteria and other conditions laid-down for examinations for service under the State(07.12.2023)

By way of the present application filed on the principles of Section 151 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, (CPC), the Petitioner prays for a direct.....

Tags : Direction, Permission, Entitlement


Assessee is eligible for deduction under Section 80IA/80IB of the IT Act on compensation received due to destruction of goods before sale had taken place(22.12.2023)

Present appeal has been filed by the assessee, challenging the order of the learned Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals).The solitary issue raised by .....

Tags : Assessment, Deduction, Entitlement


Expert opinion cannot be used as a conclusive proof and is only corroborative in nature(16.02.2024)

The issue that arises for consideration is whether the imported goods viz. '14 sets of Plastic Injection Moulds' are eligible for the benefit of Notif.....

Tags : Notification, Exemption, Entitlement


When agreement is for sale of immovable property on which stamp duty is paid and the document is registered under the Registration Act, extended period of two years would be applicable(10.10.2023)

Present petition under Article 226/227 of the Constitution of India, 1950 is filed challenging the order whereby refund of Rs.19,725 being the stamp d.....

Tags : Refund, Entitlement, Time-period


Recovery of interest on delayed period even though claimed after taking possession is maintainable(14.03.2019)

In facts of present case, Appellant-allottee has challenged the final order passed by Learned Member and Adjudicating Officer of MahaRERA Authority in.....

Tags : Delayed possession, Interest, Entitlement


Authority has complete jurisdiction to decide complaint in regard to non-compliance of obligations by the promoter(05.02.2019)

A complaint was filed under Section 31 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 read with rule 28 of the Haryana Real Estate (Regulat.....

Tags : Delayed possession, Refund, Entitlement


Refund of stamp duty should not be denied on mere technicalities(17.05.2024)

The instant appeal is directed against the judgment and order impugned passed by the High Court whereby the High Court, dismissed the Appellant's dema.....

Tags : Stamp duty, Refund, Entitlement


Assessing Officer has no authority to withhold the refund on ground that, assessee has filed belated return or invalid return(17.11.2023)

In facts of present case, the assessee is a religious Trust duly registered under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act,1961. The Assessing Officer found .....

Tags : Assessment, Refund, Entitlement


Cenvat Credit is available in case of outward transportation for the services availed from the place of removal up to the customers place(29.04.2022)

The issue involved in the present case is that whether the Appellant is entitled for cenvat credit in respect of outward GTA for period prior to 1st A.....

Tags : Cenvat credit, Entitlement, Outward transportation


Transfer of investigation must be done in rare and exceptional cases in order to do complete justice between the parties and to instil straight confidence in the public mind(19.08.2020)

Present Transfer Petition is filed Under Section 406 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) read with Order XXXIX of the Supreme Court Rules, .....

Tags : Investigation, Transfer, Entitlement


A person cannot be made to wait indefinitely for possession of flat allotted and is entitled to seek refund of amount paid(02.04.2020)

The Appellant-Builder launched a residential project by the name “Araya Complex” in Sector 62, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram. The Respondent- F.....

Tags : Refund, Interest, Entitlement


A person cannot be made to wait indefinitely for possession of flat allotted and is entitled to seek refund of amount paid(02.04.2019)

The Appellant-Builder launched a residential project by the name “Araya Complex” in Sector 62, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram. The Respondent- F.....

Tags : Refund, Interest, Entitlement


Cenvat Credit is allowed on dredging service received by the Appellant for construction of navigation channel(29.08.2022)

In both the appeals, the common issue involved is that whether the dredging services received by the Appellant for dredging the navigation channel lea.....

Tags : Cenvat credit, Input service, Entitlement


Unless otherwise agreed by parties, Arbitral Tribunal can award interest at reasonable rate for a period commencing from the date when the cause of action arises till the date of the award(22.04.2021)

The Appellants were awarded a contract by the State of Kerala for upgradation of a State Highway for two stretches, from Muvattupuzha-Thodupuzha and M.....

Tags : Interest, Delayed payment, Entitlement


Cenvat Credit on Outward Transportation Services is admissible up to the place of removal(28.04.2021)

The issue involved in the present case is that whether the Appellant is entitled for Cenvat Credit in respect of Outward Transport Service which is us.....

Tags : Cenvat Credit, Entitlement


Appeal from an order of Commissioner can be entertained, only if, substantial question of law exist(04.09.2023)

Present appeal is filed assailing the judgment passed by the High Court whereby the Court has set aside the order of the Commissioner awarding compens.....

Tags : Compensation, Award, Entitlement


No power under the Employees' State Insurance Act to statutory interest(29.10.2021)

In facts of present case, by a notice dated 6th April 1990, a demand was made by the Insurance Corporation in the sum of Rs.8,01,510 by way of contrib.....

Tags : Interest, Waiver, Entitlement


Only the legally wedded is entitled to a family pension, if governed by Maharashtra Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1982(28.10.2021)

In present writ petitions, the Petitioners are widows. They had performed the second marriage during the subsistence of the first marriage of their hu.....

Tags : Rules, Pension, Entitlement


Complainants cannot be made to wait indefinitely for delivery of possession, when they had already paid almost entire consideration(23.12.2019)

Instant Consumer Complaints, under Section 21 read with Section 12(1)(a) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 have been filed by the Complainants, the.....

Tags : Deficiency, Compensation, Entitlement


Courts ought not to encroach upon the domain of the legislature or the executive and issue directions which impose financial burden on the State(19.03.2024)

The present appeal has been filed by the Appellants impugning an order passed by the learned Single Judge, whereby the Petition filed by the Petitione.....

Tags : Scheme, Benefit, Entitlement


Bank is precluded from declining benefits of Scheme as same is non-discretionary and non-discriminatory(22.05.2018)

In facts of present case, Petitioner availed a career loan from State Bank of India (the Bank) during 2007 for pursuing pilot training course. The fat.....

Tags : Scheme, Benefit, Entitlement


Bank is precluded from declining benefits of Scheme as same is non-discretionary and non-discriminatory(22.05.2018)

In facts of present case, Petitioner availed a career loan from State Bank of India (the Bank) during 2007 for pursuing pilot training course. The fat.....

Tags : Scheme, Benefit, Entitlement


SC/ST Act guarantees a right to a victim or dependents to participate in any proceedings(21.07.2020)

Criminal Petition is filed under Section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (CrPC) praying to release the Petitioner on bail in case registered f.....

Tags : Bail, Entitlement, Participation, Right


Evidence of a public officer cannot be thrown only on basis that he is a police officer(13.07.2020)

Present bail application has been filed under Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 for grant of regular bail in connection with FIR reg.....

Tags : Bail, Entitlement