10 May 2021

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Partner intending to retire from business not the same as partner who died in the course of the partnership(11.08.2015)

A partnership does not automatically stand dissolved if a partner shows an intention to retire, or even serves notice of retirement to the other partn.....

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Party seeking divorce under matrimonial offence theory must be innocent(17.08.2016)

Admitted facts in instant case were that, Appellant/husband got married to respondent/wife on May 05, 1992 according to Hindu rites. Parties stayed to.....

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Act of suspecting character of wife, physically assault and harassment on coming late from work place due to nature of job amounted to cruelty(14.09.2016)

In instant appeal, Appellant is aggrieved by Family Court’s conclusion that wife could not prove that husband treated her with cruelty and refused to .....

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Unsubstantiated allegations impacting moral character with perverse sexuality amounts to cruelty; ground for divorce(27.10.2016)

Appellant-wife is aggrieved by judgment and decree passed by Judge, whereby marriage between parties is dissolved by a decree of divorce. Judge had gr.....

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Refusal to participate in proceeding for divorce and forcing the Appellant to stay in a dead marriage constitutes mental cruelty(09.10.2017)

The Appellant and the Respondent are District Judges working in the State of West Bengal. Their marriage was performed on 19th June, 1992 as per the S.....

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Marriage can be dissolved, if it breaks down irretrievably(04.10.2019)

In present case, the Appellant-husband has preferred the present appeal feeling aggrieved and dissatisfied with the impugned judgment and order passed.....

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When there are only two partners and one has agreed to retire, the retirement amounts to dissolution of the firm(26.05.2020)

In present matter, on 29th March 1989, Guru Nanak Industries and Swaran Singh filed a civil suit against Amar Singh claiming that, the latter had reti.....

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Defamatory complaints by highly educated spouse irreparably damaging reputation and career of partner amounts to mental cruelty entitling divorce decree(26.02.2021)

The challenge in present appeals is to the judgment and order in the First Appeal whereby the High Court had allowed both appeals by reversing the com.....

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SC: Single Bench Cannot Pass Decree for Dissolution of Marriage While Hearing Transfer Petition(12.03.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that its single bench while hearing a Transfer Petition cannot invoke power under Article 142 of the Constitution of India,.....

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Tripura HC: Dissolution of Marriage of ST Couple Not Maintainable Under Hindu Marriage Act(16.09.2020)

Tripura High Court has observed that marriage between persons who belong to Scheduled Tribes (ST) notified under Article 342 of the Constitution of In.....

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Sri Lanka's Supreme Court Suspends President's Decision to Dissolve Parliament(14.11.2018)

Supreme Court of Sri Lanka has overturned President's controversial decision to dissolve Parliament and ordered a halt to preparations for snap electi.....

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Bombay HC Rules 'Hindus Can Remarry 90 Days Post Dissolution of Marriage'(05.12.2016)

Bombay HC has said that a Hindu can marry again after 90 days of decree dissolving his or her marriage, if no appeal has been made against such decree.....

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International Cases

Court has discretion and will exercise that discretion to award costs to one party, where it is just to make costs order(11.07.2017)

In facts of present case, Plaintiff and Defendant carried on a pharmacy business in partnership. Plaintiff holds 60% interest and Defendant 40% intere.....

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