8 July 2024

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Allahabad HC: Exercise of Discretionary Power Without Relevant Considerations Under Statute Invalid(08.04.2022)

Allahabad High Court has ruled that if an authority, conferred with discretionary powers by a statute, avoids or does not take into account relevant c.....

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Delhi HC: HC Must Respect Use of Discretionary Powers By Trial Court, Can’t Play Role Of Headmaster(09.08.2022)

Delhi High Court has held that high court is required, at all times, to respect the exercise of discretionary powers by the district judiciary and not.....

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Guidelines cannot be read as mandatory Rules to be adhered to in all circumstances or to take away all discretionary powers of transfer from the competent authorities(21.07.2020)

Present petition has been filed by the Petitioner, who is employed as a Sub-Inspector in CISF, presently at NLC, Barsingsar, Bikaner, for issuance of .....

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Court should not interfere with an order of Settlement Commission, passed in exercise of its discretionary powers, unless order contravenes provisions of Act(25.09.2023)

Present appeal has been filed assailing the judgment passed by the High Court whereby the judgment of the learned Single Judge, remanding the matter t.....

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