23 November 2020

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Repeated false allegations can constitute 'cruelty'(31.07.2015)

Mindful that the test for 'cruelty' in a marriage was a flexible one, the Court held that repeated false accusations by the wife against the husband, .....

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Conducting press conference raising defamatory allegations against spouse amounts to mental cruelty(11.02.2015)

The Court held that the wife's actions of conducting a press conference raising defamatory allegations against her husband amounted to mental cruelty......

Tags : divorce, mental cruelty, press conference


Bull run in abeyance yet(12.01.2016)

The Supreme Court granted an interim stay on a 2016 notification of the Central Government excluding Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu and bullock cart races i.....

Tags : Jallikattu, bull run, cruelty, animals


Delhi HC propagating traditional husband-wife roles?(23.05.2016)

Fallacious litigation by one spouse against the other amounts to mental cruelty, the Delhi High Court noted, even if same is ultimately dismissed.

Tags : domestic violence, false claim, mental cruelty


Persistent effort of wife to compel husband to separate from family constitutes ‘cruelty’(06.10.2016)

Present appeal has been filed by Appellant husband, whose decree for divorce passed by trial Court has been set aside by High Court of Karnataka. In f.....

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Unsubstantiated allegations impacting moral character with perverse sexuality amounts to cruelty; ground for divorce(27.10.2016)

Appellant-wife is aggrieved by judgment and decree passed by Judge, whereby marriage between parties is dissolved by a decree of divorce. Judge had gr.....

Tags : Marriage, Cruelty, Dissolution


Allegation of dowry harassment not established would by itself constitute act of cruelty(22.11.2016)

Marriage between Appellant and Respondent was solemnized on February 19, 1995. A male child was born to couple on November 27, 1995. Appellant filed a.....

Tags : Marriage, Cruelty, Annulment


Mere trivial irritations, quarrels, normal wear and tear of the married life would not be adequate for grant of divorce on ground of mental cruelty(12.10.2017)

The Appellant - husband had filed a petition before the Family Court at Pune, seeking divorce from the Respondent - wife under Section 13 (1)(i-a) of .....

Tags : Divorce, Grant, Mental Cruelty


Presumption under Section 306 of IPC operates only when there was cruelty or harassment, soon before committal of suicide(05.01.2017)

The Appellant had been convicted for the offences under Sections 302 read with 34, 304-B, 306 and 498 A of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC). The Firs.....

Tags : Cruelty, Conviction, Legality


Conduct of a spouse levelling false accusations against other spouse is cruelty(24.04.2017)

In facts of present case, wife filed a suit praying for injunction that, husband should not be permitted to enter matrimonial home. Certain news items.....

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There must be in existence, proximate live link between facts of cruelty in connection with demand of dowry and death in order to attract Section 304B of IPC(22.02.2019)

Present appeals have been preferred by the State and the father of the victim, challenging the judgment passed by the Special Additional Sessions Judg.....

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Petition should not have 'vague' and 'too general' allegations, but law does not require that every incident should be narrated with the minutest detail possible(03.05.2019)

The present appeal has been filed challenging the judgment passed by the Family Court whereby the petition under Section 13(1)(ia), (ib) of the Hindu .....

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False, baseless, scandalous, malicious and unproven allegations made in the written statement may amount to cruelty(20.11.2020)

By way of the present appeal, the Appellant-wife has impugned the judgment passed by the learned Principal Judge, Family Courts, whereby the Court, wh.....

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Notifications & Circulars

Environment Ministry Invites Comments on Draft Notification for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Dog Breeding and Marketing) Rules, 2016(10.01.2017)

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has invited comments on the draft notification of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Dog Breedin.....

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Bombay HC Rules 'Taunting One's Wife For Lack of English Speaking Skills Not Cruelty'(23.01.2017)

Bombay High Court while granting bail to a man charged with abetment to suicide of his deceased wife, has ruled that taunting a wife and ridiculing he.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty, English Speaking Skills


Supreme Court Agrees to Hear All Pleas Concerning Jallikattu on January 31(27.01.2017)

Supreme Court has said that all applications challenging Tamil Nadu's amendment of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, allowing the conduct .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Jallikattu, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act


SC Refuses to State TN’s Jallikattu Law, Seeks State’s Reply Over Its Validity(01.02.2017)

Supreme Court, while refusing to stay Tamil Nadu Government's law permitting Jallikattu, has agreed to hear a plea against it.

Tags : Supreme Court, Jallikattu, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act


Jallikattu Law Gets President’s Assent(01.02.2017)

President Pranab Mukherjee has given his assent to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act, 2017, that allows conduct of Jallikatt.....

Tags : Jallikattu, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tamil Nadu Amendment) Act


Delhi HC: Act, Allegations of Infidelity Amounts to Mental Cruelty(08.02.2017)

Delhi High Court has said that act and allegation of infidelity by either of spouse, irrespective of gender, is on an equal footing and would also cau.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Infidelity, Cruelty


SC: ‘Can’t Divorce Over Lone Cruelty Incident’(09.03.2017)

Supreme Court has held that isolated incidents of cruelty against spouse cannot be a ground to seek divorce, and marriage could be dissolved only if s.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Cruelty, Divorce


Patna High Court: ‘Unsubstantiated Scandalous Allegation By Wife is Cruelty’(20.03.2017)

Patna High Court, while granting divorce to a husband, has observed that unsubstantiated scandalous allegation by a wife against husband amounts to cr.....

Tags : Patna High Court, Cruelty


Bombay HC Upholds Divorce on Grounds of Cruelty, Says 'False Complaint U/S 498A Amounts to Cruelty'(24.04.2017)

Bombay High Court has upheld order of a Family Court dissolving a marriage between a couple who had been married since 1987, on grounds that act of th.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, 498A, Indian Penal Code, Cruelty, Divorce


Kambala Ordinance: SC Issues Notice to Centre, Karnataka(07.11.2017)

Supreme Court while admitting the petition filed by PETA seeking direction from the court to strike down the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Karnata.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Kambala Ordinance, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Karnataka Amendment) Ordinance, 2017


‘Former Wife’ Can’t Be Prosecuted For 498A IPC : Gujarat HC(12.12.2017)

Gujarat High Court has quashed a case against the former wife of a man whose present wife had filed a criminal case under Section 498A IPC arraying he.....

Tags : Gujarat High Court, Cruelty


Allahabad HC: Wife Working Against Husband’s Wishes Is Not ‘Cruelty’(21.12.2017)

Allahabad High Court has observed that a wife working against the wishes of husband or his family is not a ‘cruelty’ to grant divorce to husband.

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Cruelty


Delhi HC: Concealing Mental Illness & Abortion Amounts to ‘Cruelty’(30.11.2016)

Delhi High Court has termed concealing mental illness and termination of pregnancy a ground for divorce as it amounts to cruelty.

Tags : Delhi High Court, Mental Illness, Abortion, Cruelty


Supreme Court Rules ‘Horse Racing per se is Not Cruelty’(07.12.2016)

Supreme Court, while issuing notice to Rajasthan Government on a petition challenging a High Court order banning tonga races in State, has said that, .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Horse Racing, Cruelty


Bombay HC: Forcing Husband to Stay Away From His Parents Amounts to Cruelty(26.12.2016)

Bombay High Court has held that any pressure on part of wife on husband to stay away from his parents without any justifiable cause amounts to cruelty.....

Tags : Bombay HC, Husband, Cruelty


Supreme Court: Presumption of Dowry Death Must be Backed by Evidence of Cruelty(21.11.2016)

Supreme Court has ruled that presumption of culpability against an accused in a dowry death case under Evidence Act would be “activated” only when the.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Evidence Act, Dowry Death , Cruelty


Supreme Court: Adultery Per se is Not Cruelty to Wife(25.11.2016)

Supreme Court, while acquitting a man whose spouse had committed suicide because of his alleged extra-marital relationship, has held that, a person ca.....

Tags : Supreme Court, extra-marital relationship, Cruelty


Delhi HC: Allegation of Adultery Most "Painful”, Amounts to Cruelty(25.11.2016)

Delhi High Court while granting divorce to a man who was accused by his wife of having illicit relationship with another woman, has observed that alle.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, divorce, Cruelty , Adultery


Delhi HC: Denying Sex to Husband for a Long Time is a Ground for Divorce(13.10.2016)

Delhi HC has said that denying sex to husband for a long time without any justification amounts to mental cruelty and is a ground for divorce.

Tags : Delhi HC, divorce, cruelty


Delhi HC Rules ‘Demand of Privacy by Wife Not Cruelty towards Husband’(17.10.2016)

Delhi HC has held that demand for privacy by a married woman after she enters her matrimonial home cannot be dubbed as cruelty towards husband to gran.....

Tags : Delhi HC, cruelty


Delhi HC Rules ‘Lack of Respect to Partner Causes Disrepute & Pain, Amounts to Cruelty’(17.10.2016)

Delhi High Court has said that behaviour of a spouse showing “lack of respect, faith and understanding” and causing pain and disrepute to the other pa.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, disrepute, cruelty


Bombay HC Rules 'Suspecting Character of a Married Woman is Cruelty'(24.10.2016)

Bombay High Court has confirmed conviction of a Wardha man for ill-treating and abetting his wife's suicide while ruling that 'suspecting the characte.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty, ill-treating


Delhi HC: Question of Sexual Perversity Amounts to Mental Cruelty(03.11.2016)

Delhi High Court, while upholding a Lower Court order dissolving a marriage, has said that, raising questions of sexual perversity against a husband a.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, sexual perversity, mental cruelty


Delhi HC: Suicidal Threats by Wife Amounts to Mental Cruelty(04.11.2016)

Delhi High Court has said that threat by a woman to commit suicide and implicate her husband and in-laws for it, amounts to causing mental cruelty whi.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, suicide, mental cruelty


Delhi HC: Denying Sex to Spouse a Long time Mental Cruelty, Ground for Divorce(12.09.2016)

Delhi HC, while putting an end to a nine-year-old marriage, has reiterated that denying sex to the spouse for a long time, without sufficient reason, .....

Tags : Delhi HC, Mental Cruelty, divorce


Bombay HC Rules, Suspecting Wife’s Character Amounts to Cruelty(28.09.2016)

Bombay HC, while quashing a family court verdict, has allowed an Amravati woman to end her marriage by ruling that “suspecting wife’s character is cr.....

Tags : Bombay HC, Cruelty, Wife’s Character


Supreme Court: Forcing Husband to Separate from Family is Ground for Divorce(07.10.2016)

SC while allowing husband’s plea to annul 24-year wedlock has held that forcing a husband to separate from family is an act of “cruelty” and a ground .....

Tags : SC, cruelty, divorce


Allahabad HC: Abandoning Cow Amounts to Cruelty, Prosecute Owners(07.12.2015)

Allahabad HC has said abandoning old cows after they stop giving milk also amounts to cruelty and owners should be prosecuted for it. The court also p.....

Tags : Allahabad HC, Cow , Cruelty


Delhi HC: Wife’s Letter Talking of Divorce, Remarriage Constitutes An Act of Cruelty(22.02.2016)

Delhi HC, while granting divorce to a man living separately from his estranged wife for the past 28 years, has said that a single letter, talking of d.....

Tags : Delhi HC, Divorce, Remarriage, cruelty


Bombay High Court: Wife's Partying Not Mental Cruelty(03.08.2015)

Bombay High Court has in a marital dispute case ruled that a Family Court was wrong in granting divorce to a Navi Mumbai resident who had claimed that.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Mental Cruelty, Partying


Supreme Court: Legal Route Adopted by Wife Cannot be Termed as 'Cruelty' On Husband(22.08.2019)

Supreme Court has observed that legal course adopted by wife to protect her rights cannot be termed as inflicting cruelty on the husband. The Court ru.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Cruelty


SC: Husband who got Acquitted after Trial in Sec 498A IPC Case can Seek Divorce on Ground of Cruelty(25.11.2019)

Supreme Court has noted that when a husband undergoes a trial in which he is acquitted of the allegation of offence leveled by his wife under Section .....

Tags : SC, Cruelty


Woman can File Case U/S 498A IPC at Place Where She Takes Shelter: SC(09.04.2019)

Supreme Court has held that a woman driven out of her matrimonial home because of cruelty can initiate criminal proceedings under Section 498A of IPC .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Section 498A, Cruelty


Complaint Need Not be Filed U/S 498A IPC by Woman Subjected to Cruelty Herself: SC(01.05.2019)

Supreme Court has held that Section 498A of Indian Penal Code does not contemplate that complaint for offence under Section 498A should be filed only .....

Tags : Supreme Court, Cruelty, Section 498A IPC


Bombay HC Dismisses Appeal By Man For Divorce On Grounds Of Cruelty, Wife’s ‘Mental Disorder’(11.07.2017)

Bombay High Court has dismissed an appeal by a man who challenged a judgment by the family court of Bandra, wherein his petition for divorce was rejec.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Bombay High Court: Blaming Husband for Lack of Children is Cruelty(15.01.2018)

Bombay High Court held that blaming the husband for a lack of children and repeatedly complaining to his employer amounts to cruelty while granting di.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Bombay High Court: Not Offering Water to Husband is Not Cruelty(05.03.2018)

Bombay High Court has said that not taking care of a husband’s needs or failing to even offer him water when he returns home late from work does not a.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Mere Non-Sending of Wife to Her Parental House Doesn’t Amount to 'Cruelty': Karnataka HC(07.03.2018)

Karnataka High Court has observed that mere non-sending of the wife to her parental house does not amount to cruelty.

Tags : Karnataka High Court, Cruelty


Leveling Baseless Allegations of Illicit Relationship on Spouse Amounts to Cruelty: Delhi HC(08.03.2018)

Delhi High Court has upheld the decision of a Family Judge who had granted divorce to a husband accepting leveling of baseless allegations of illicit .....

Tags : Delhi High Court, Cruelty


Bombay High Court: Wife Not Preparing Food, Avoiding Husband Isn’t Cruelty(19.03.2018)

Bombay High Court has held that general allegations like wife not preparing food for the husband or not opening the door on his return to home, would .....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Not Cruel If Wife Doesn’t Open Door for Husband: Bombay High Court(20.03.2018)

Bombay High Court has said that a woman not opening the house door for her husband on his return from work or not cooking for him do not amount to cru.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Bombay High Court: Picking Up a Quarrel with One’s Husband, His Parents is Not Cruelty(23.03.2018)

Bombay High Court has held that picking up a quarrel with one’s husband and his parents would not amount to cruelty.

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Supreme Court Reserves Verdict on Plea Seeking Reconsideration of Directions on 498A IPC(24.04.2018)

Supreme Court has reserved its verdict on petitions seeking restoration of the stringency of Section 498A of IPC which provides for arrest of the husb.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Dowry, Cruelty


Delhi HC: Wife's False Allegation of Infidelity is Cruelty(07.05.2018)

Delhi High Court while granting divorce to a man has held that his estranged wife's false allegation of illicit relation between him and his widowed s.....

Tags : Delhi High Court, cruelty


Bombay High Court:Asking Wife to Cook Properly Not Ill-treatment(06.08.2018)

Bombay High Court has held that asking one’s wife to cook properly or to do household work would not by itself amount to ill-treating her.

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty


Kerala High Court: Ridiculing Husband Before His Close Friends, Relatives, Colleagues is Cruelty(16.08.2018)

Kerala High Court has observed that ridiculing husband before his close friends, relatives and colleagues and challenging his dignity amounts to cruel.....

Tags : Kerala High Court, Cruelty


Filing False Complaints Against In-Laws Amounts to Cruelty: Bombay High Court(22.10.2018)

Bombay High Court has ruled that filing false complaints against in-laws and spouse would amount to matrimonial cruelty and also observed that such ki.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, In-laws, Cruelty


Regularly Consuming Liquor and Picking Up Quarrels with Wife is Cruelty Not Abetment: Bombay HC(05.12.2018)

Bombay High Court has held that frequent quarrels with wife after consuming liquor during married life of 17 years may amount to cruelty because condu.....

Tags : Bombay High Court, Cruelty