8 July 2024

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When there is an eye witness to occurrence corroborated by other evidence, non-establishment of motive behind the crime is not fatal to prosecution(28.11.2017)

Appeal is against the judgment of conviction and order of sentence passed under Section 302 of Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) against the Accused/Appel.....

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SC: Conviction Solely on The Basis of Extra Judicial Confession Cannot be Sustained(10.08.2022)

Supreme Court while upholding a high court judgment which acquitted murder accused has held that extra­ judicial confession was a weak piece of eviden.....

Tags : Supreme Court, Extra Judicial Confession, Corroboration


Cal. HC: No Need to Corroborate Dying Declaration if Given In Fit State of Mind(12.08.2022)

Calcutta High Court has held that a dying declaration is a conclusive piece of evidence, admissible for the conviction of the accused, wherein corrobo.....

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Orissa HC: Version of Prosecutrix Need No Corroboration Can’t be Taken as a ‘Rigid Formula’(13.01.2023)

Orissa High Court while observing that it is too broad a generalization to hold that a woman would never speak which will be detrimental to her charac.....

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Bombay High Court Says No Corroboration Needed if Rape Victim's Statement is Reliable(21.09.2015)

Bombay HC has confirmed conviction of a 23-year-old man for raping a minor girl while observing that if statement of rape victim is trustworthy and re.....

Tags : Bombay High Court ,corroboration of rape victim


Rajasthan HC: Prosecution Not Required to Seek Corroboration Where Ocular Testimony is Convincing(21.04.2022)

Rajasthan High Court has held that it is a well settled principle of criminal jurisprudence that in a case of murder, where ocular testimony is credib.....

Tags : Rajasthan High Court, criminal jurisprudence, ocular testimony, corroboration