30 January 2023

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It is not for the Courts to substitute a Scheme or add or subtract from the terms thereof in judicial review(08.01.2020)

In facts of present case, Jagdish Raj, husband of Respondent No. 1 and father of Respondent No. 2, was appointed as a Clerk-cum-Shroff in the Appellan.....

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SC: Compassionate Employment Cannot be Granted After Lapse of Reasonable Period(12.04.2021)

Supreme Court has observed that compassionate employment cannot be granted after a lapse of reasonable period. The Court has observed that considerati.....

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Madras HC: Children below 15 Cannot Claim Compassionate Employment After Attaining Majority(03.05.2016)

Madras HC has ruled that children below 15 years of age on day of death in harness of either of their parents in government service cannot stake claim.....

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SERVICE - Can't Deny Compassionate Employment to Child from Second Marriage: Bombay HC(11.03.2019)

Bombay High Court has held that compassionate employment cannot be denied to a person just because he was born out of the employee's second marriage.

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Madras HC: Denying Employment to Daughter of Deceased on Ground of Marriage Violates Art. 14, 15, 16(12.04.2017)

Madras High Court has held that denying employment to daughter of deceased on ground of marriage is violation of Articles 14, 15 and 16 of the Constit.....

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Supreme Court: Income From Compassionate Employment Not to be Deducted From MACT Compensation Amount(08.05.2017)

Supreme Court has held that income from compassionate employment granted to claimant is not liable to be deducted from compensation amount which is li.....

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