14 October 2019

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Interest and penalty not imposable where credit wrongly availed, reversed prior to utilization(08.08.2016)

Issue involved was relating to liability to pay interest on cenvat credit availed by Appellant but not utilized and reversed subsequently. In present .....

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Interest would be payable from date on which CENVAT credit is wrongly taken or utilized(03.11.2016)

Appellant is engaged in manufacture of electronic connector harness and other IT products availed CENVAT credit of duty paid on inputs and capital goo.....

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Immovability of goods is not a criteria for denying credit(24.03.2017)

Appellant is engaged in manufacture of cement. For manufacturing of cement, Appellant requires electricity which is used at various stages of producti.....

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Once cenvat credit has been availed in respect of input services, same cannot be disallowed by taking recourse to any thumb Rule or formula(22.05.2018)

The Appellant was availing cenvat credit under Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 and, during the period under dispute, availed a total credit of about Rs. 4.4.....

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Under CENVAT scheme, CENVAT credit is passed on by using invoice documents, which are to be transferred to buyer of goods only(20.06.2018)

In facts of present case, the Appellant is a refinery for the manufacture of petroleum products. During the period in dispute, Crude Oil Refinery proj.....

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Substantial benefits cannot be denied because of procedural irregularity(20.07.2018)

In facts of present case, the Appellant, who is engaged in the manufacture of Textile Chemicals & Oil has two units that is unit number-III and unit n.....

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Excise duty liability should be computed considering sale value charged to independent customers as assessable value for purpose of valuation of job worked goods(02.01.2019)

The Appellant Bijal Packaging and B.B. containers both are situated at one factory premises were engaged in the manufacture of metal tin container. Th.....

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Credit avail on Service Tax paid on 'Courier Serves' is eligible to Cenvat Credit(05.08.2019)

Present is an appeal against order-in-original of Commissioner of Central Excise, denying CENVAT credit of Rs. 94,16,769, having been availed on taxes.....

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Notifications & Circulars

Speedy disbursal of pending refund claims of exporters of services(16.11.2015)

The Central Board of Excise and Customs released a Circular outlining its scheme to fast track sanction of refunds of accumulated CENVAT credit to exp.....

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CENVAT Credit (Third Amendment) Rules, 2016(01.03.2016)

The Ministry of Finance notified CENVAT Credit (Third Amendment) Rules, 2016 amending CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004. Among other changes the amended Rules.....

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Carry Forward of un-availed Cenvat Credit in respect of assignment of right to use any natural resource under GST(14.06.2017)

Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 provide that credit of Service Tax paid in a Financial Year, on the onetime charges payable in full upfront or in installmen.....

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CESTAT Ahmedabad: Cenvat Credit Allowable to Legal Consultancy Services(30.08.2019)

Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT) Ahmedabad Bench has ruled that the legal consultancy services can be treated as an input f.....

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CESTAT Mumbai: Cenvat Credit Cannot be Refused Due to Mere Technical Irregularities(27.06.2019)

Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), Mumbai has noted that the Cenvat Credit cannot be refused to the Assessee merely due to t.....

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Govt: Service Recipients Can Carry Forward Unavailed Credit of Service Tax under GST Regime(19.06.2017)

Central Government has amended Cenvat Credit Rules to enable service recipients to carry forward unavailed credit of Service Tax under GST regime whic.....

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