1 June 2020

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Legal right of residence in property entitled married daughter to seek tenant’s eviction from it for her need(27.09.2016)

In instant case, Appellant is aggrieved by judgment of High Court reversing concurrent findings of Courts below holding that, Appellant’s daughter is .....

Tags : Eviction, Right, Bonafide Need


Court has to consider effect of subsequent development on bona fide need of landlord(07.02.2017)

Instant appeal by way of special leave is preferred against order passed by High Court wherein High Court affirmed order passed by Additional District.....

Tags : Eviction, Bonafide need, Entitlement


Bona fide of injured person as a railway passenger has to be proved for claiming compensation(09.06.2017)

Claim application was filed by Applicant/injured seeking compensation of Rupees Four Lac for injuries sustained by him in an alleged train untoward in.....

Tags : Accident, Compensation, Bonafide


Rights of a bona fide tenant would not be automatically terminated by forfeiture of property(17.08.2017)

In present case, vide impugned order, one Krishna Budha Gawde was detained under Section 3(1) of the Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention o.....

Tags : Forfeiture, Property, Tenant, Bonafide right


An apology tendered by a contemnor should not be rejected merely on ground that, it is qualified or conditional so long it is made bonafide(05.01.2018)

The instant appeal has been filed under Section 19 of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 assailing the order passed by the Single Judge holding the Appe.....

Tags : Apology, Bonafide, Acceptance


No party has any vested right in the forum(05.02.2018)

Present revision application challenges the judgment made by the District Judge, (Appeal Court) allowing Civil Appeal instituted by Respondent Nos. 1A.....

Tags : Possession, Restoration, Bonafide need


Once deceased with valid train ticket is found on railway track, which is not near place of residence or work, onus of proof shifts upon railway to show that, deceased was not a bonafide passenger(05.04.2018)

In facts of the case, the deceased, Appellants' son, while travelling by train accidently fell down from the running train near the housing board colo.....

Tags : Bonafide passenger, Compensation, Grant


Condition of building is not so essential. If it is shown that building is bona fide required by landlord for immediate purpose of demolition, eviction could be ordered(25.04.2018)

Aggrieved by the order reversing the order of eviction passed by the Rent Controller, Petitioners, who are trustees of Sri Mouna Swamigal Madam, also .....

Tags : Eviction, Bonafide need, Grant


Revisional power cannot be equated with a power of re-consideration of all questions of facts as a Court of first appeal(07.05.2019)

Present petition challenges the order passed in eviction petition under Section 14(1)(e) of the Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958 (DRC Act) whereby the lea.....

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Supervisory jurisdiction is not available to correct errors of facts or of law unless errors are manifest and apparent on face of proceedings(25.02.2020)

Present petition challenges the order passed by the Trial Court in Eviction Petition under Section 14 (1) (e) and 25(B) of the Delhi Rent Control Act,.....

Tags : Bonafide need, Eviction, Legality