8 July 2024

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'Consumer' includes not only a person who has hired or availed of service but even a beneficiary of a service(17.03.2020)

In facts of present case, the Respondent obtained a Labour Beneficiary Identity Card on 29th December, 2011 under the Welfare Board from the Appellant.....

Tags : Scheme, Beneficiary, Direction, Legality



All HC: S. 33-G UP Sec. Education Act a Benefi. Prov. for Teachers Serving for More Than 2 Decades(20.05.2024)

All. HC observed that provisions contained under Section 33-G of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education (Service Selection Boards) Act, 1982 is a beneficia.....

Tags : Allahabad High Court, Sec. 33-G, Service Conditions, Beneficiary Scheme


International Cases

A bank which gives a performance guarantee must honour that guarantee according to its terms(13.11.2020)

Appeal was filed by the Joint Venture between Aveng (Africa) Pty (Ltd) and Strabag International Gmbh (the Joint Venture) against the order of the Hig.....

Tags : Beneficiary, Performance guarantee, Payment