26 May 2020


High Court of Kerala

N. Premkumar v. State of Kerala and Ors.




Recommended persons list if not sorted by category does not vitiate selection process

In a suit initiated by retired district judges aspiring for the post of President of the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum for various districts in Kerala, the High Court upheld the selection and appointment process of the state government. It rejected contentions that the pool of candidates suggested the judicial nature of the positions and selection would have to be done with minimal involvement of the executive. The legislative intention was to create quasi-judicial tribunals that would not “supplant but supplement the existing judicial system”. Further, non-categorisation of applicants for particular posts was not a material flaw which would call into question the validity of the selection process, particularly since the appointments made were from the recommendations of the select committee.


Madras Bar Association v. Union of India MANU/SC/0875/2014
Laxmi Engineering Works v. P.S.G. Industrial Institute MANU/SC/0271/1995
State of Kerala v. Reghu Varma MANU/KE/0975/2009

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