4 August 2020


High Court of Himachal Pradesh

Sita Ram v. State of Himachal Pradesh and Ors.




Long road to justice after unauthorised laying of road on private land

The High Court of Himachal Pradesh directed the State to compensate a land owner for unauthorised and free use of his land for laying a road.

Aside from a claim of compensation, the petitioner claimed that he had stopped the Gram Panchayat from carrying on laying of the road. He contested that affidavits submitted by persons laying the road were of no consequence as he himself had never given consent.

The authority stated that there already was a road sufficient for vehicles existing at the time. Ironically, the road was built under a World Bank Scheme, pre-condition to which was the requirement that land for the same be provided free of cost.

The court expressed sympathy for the petitioner and order initiation of land acquisition proceedings for the land acquired. Instead of ordering damages, the court made the State responsible for “adopting any other mode for restoring [petitioner’s] land”.


K.B. Ramachandra Raje Urs and Ors. vs. State of Karnataka and Ors. MANU/SC/1457/2015
Jai Ram vs. State of Himachal Pradesh and Others MANU/HP/3222/2011
Jeet Ram vs. State of Himachal Pradesh MANU/HP/0649/2014

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