5 December 2022


High Court of Allahabad

Rajesh Kumar Gupta v. State of U.P. and Ors.




No necessity for complaint to aver actual date of service of notice against dishonoured cheque

If the complaint contains the date of issuance of registered notice, merely not containing the date of receipt of information from the bank regarding the return of cheque as unpaid is not to be of much consequence. It was claimed by the Applicant (drawer of the cheque) that by not mentioning the date of service of notice in the complaint, no cause of action had been disclosed by the complainant. The Court held that once it was alleged that a registered notice was sent to the address of the drawer of the cheque, it was deemed to have been served or the addressee is deemed to have the knowledge of the notice.


C.C. Alavi Haji v. Palapetty Muhammed and another MANU/SC/2263/2007
State of M.P. v. Hiralal and Ors. MANU/SC/1388/1996

Tags : Banking cheque date of service notice

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