8 August 2022

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Consultation Paper on Cloud Computing

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India introduced a paper discussing a whole host of issues associated with ‘Cloud Computing’.

Computing in the cloud, not a lot more than online storage and basic computing tasks for consumers, is gaining traction in more ‘industrial’ settings as well. Businesses, and even government, utilise web- or server-based tools to save cost and provide services previously unavailable to smaller players.

As such, TRAI seeks response on several concerns, not least of which is jurisdiction. With service providers maintaining servers around the world, international transfer of privileged, restricted and sensitive information raise security and privacy concerns. Particularly when intelligence agencies of such foreign jurisdictions gain access to such information. TRAI discusses the possibility of the Indian government using India-only servers and services to maintain control over dissemination of information. However, several States are already in talks with multi national firms, such as Microsoft, to take their services ‘in the cloud’.

Interoperability between services, quality of service parameters and redressal of consumer complaints are also discussed.

Comments are being received by TRAI till 8 July 2016.

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