10 June 2024

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IRDAI approves 8 principle-based consolidated Regulations


The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) approves eight principle-based consolidated regulations, following the comprehensive review of regulatory framework for insurance sector in its 125th Authority meeting. These regulations encompass pivotal domains such as safeguarding of policyholders' interests, rural and social sector responsibilities, electronic insurance marketplace, insurance products and operation of foreign reinsurance branches, as well as aspects of registration, actuarial, finance, investment and corporate governance.

The IRDAI (Bima Sugam - Insurance Electronic Marketplace) Regulations, 2024, aims to establish a Digital Public Infrastructure named Bima Sugam towards universalization and democratization of insurance as well as empowering and safeguarding policyholders' interests and achieve the vision of "Insurance for all by 2047”. This marketplace serves as a one stop solution for all insurance stakeholders, including customers, insurers, intermediaries, and agents, thereby, promoting transparency, efficiency, and collaboration across the entire insurance value chain.

The IRDAI (Registration, Capital Structure, Transfer of Shares & Amalgamation Insurers) Regulations, 2024, aims to foster the growth of the insurance sector by simplifying various processes, including registration of insurers, transfer of shareholding, capital structure, amalgamation of insurers, and listing of shares on stock exchanges. By streamlining these procedures, the regulations seek to enhance the ease of doing business within the insurance industry, facilitating smoother operations, and promoting overall sectoral growth. The Regulations aim to promote prudent practices in risk management related to outsourcing activities by insurers. Furthermore, the regulations ensure that the opening or closing of places of business by insurers, both domestically and internationally, is conducted in a manner that prioritizes the interests of policyholders.

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