23 November 2020

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TRAI recommendations for international roaming SIM cards


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India released recommendations for international roaming SIM cards and global calling cards to bring transparency in customer charges.

Similar to tariff clarity implemented in the domestic telecom industry, TRAI recommended giving users all information about tariff plans along with terms and conditions and adequate contact details. Postpaid customers will be issued an itemised bill within 10 days of culmination of journey; prepaid users can demand the same pursuant to paying a reasonable fee.

TRAI also endeavours adequate points of contact, with reasonably priced customer support being available to customer domestically as well as abroad.

International roaming cards have gained traction with ever-increasing foreign trips by Indians, both for leisure and work. Though touted as being substantially cheaper than carrying an Indian SIM card abroad, customers have found services beset by hidden charges and a lack of customer support.

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