21 November 2022

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Reserve Bank of India



Overseas Direct Investment – Annual Performance Report


The Reserve Bank of India has moved to combat a trend of Indians investing directly in overseas ventures failing to submit the Annual Performance Report for such investments. To the consternation of the RBI, Indian investors were either delaying submitting the APR or foregoing it altogether; Authorised Dealer banks facilitated their remittances and financial commitments despite absence of the APR.

Accordingly, RBI has modified the online OID form to enable the nodal office of the AD bank viewing the outstanding position of APR; the same will have to ensure full compliance with APRs before it can undertake any transaction for its customer. APRs to be submitted by Indians are not strictly required to be certified by the Statutory Auditor or chartered accountant, instead self-certification is acceptable.

RBI also revised Form ODI, with Form ODI II being subsumed within ODI Part I. Other changes include a new reporting format for Funds and other overseas investments.


Overseas Direct Investment – Rationalisation and reporting of Forms MANU/APDR/0026/2016
Liberalised Remittance Scheme for Resident Individual MANU/APDR/0109/2013
Overseas Direct Investments by Indian Party – Rationalisation MANU/APDR/0174/2012

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