17 June 2024


Rajasthan passes several land Bills

Rajasthan’s Legislative Assembly passed a veritable torrent of Bills on land acquisition and maintenance of land records.

The Rajasthan Urban Land (Certification Of Titles) Bill 2016 is aimed at bringing transparency in the land market by providing clear land records. The certified title under the Act will provide a clear and document chain of title, bringing at least some in transacting urban land. It is hoped that such clarity will reduce the incidence of land disputes and prevent them from devolving into legal proceedings.

The Rajasthan Land Pooling Schemes Bill will work in conjunction with the Special Investment Regions (SIR) Bill to ease the path for acquisition of land by the government. The latter will empower designated authorities to enter land or buildings declared “any of area of land to be a Special Investment Region”, while the former will enable consolidation of small land holdings and simplify the land acquisition process.

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