5 December 2022

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Appointment and transfer of judges in High Court


The President of India confirmed appointment of 11 Additional Judges of the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad to be Judges at the same. Also, at the Bombay High Court 19 Additional Judges were appointed as judges. Justice Chinnasamy Swaminathan Karnan, Judge of the Madras High Court was transferred to the Calcutta High Court.

Five Additional Judges at the Karnataka High Court, six at the Kerala High Court and six at Chattisgarh High Court were appointed as Judges at their respective courts. Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh, Additional Judge of the Patna High Court was appointed as a Judge of the same court.

Justices Ajit Singh of the Rajasthan High Court and Justice Satish Kumar Mittal of the Punjab & Haryana High Court have been appointed Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court and Rajasthan High Court, respectively.


Appointment of Judges at various High Court MANU/PIBU/0308/2016
New Chief Justice of Gauhati and Rajasthan High Court MANU/PIBU/0313/2016

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