15 July 2024


Supreme Court

Tekan alias Tekram v. State of Madhya Pradesh (Now Chhattisgarh)




States ordered to better compensation for rape vicitims

The Supreme Court ordered States and Union Territories to establish uniform compensation for rape victims under the Victim Compensation Scheme. It preferred compensation set at Rs. 10 lakh in Goa, severally higher than that offered by other States. Foregoing a lumpsum amount on account of lack of support for the victim to manage the same, the Court awarded her instead Rs. 8,000 per month as interest accruing on a Rs. 10 lakh fixed deposit. It also accepted representations on behalf of Chhattisgarh to house the victim at the Nari Niketan, guaranteeing her food, clothing, shelter and a pension for the remainder of her life. The prosecutrix, a blind and illiterate woman, had been induced into sexual intercourse with the Appellant, who had abandoned her after she became pregnant. The Court dismissed his appeal against a sentence of seven years’ rigorous imprisonment.


Section 357A Code of Criminal Procedure Act

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