13 December 2021

Notifications & Circulars

Ministry of Commerce and Industry



Insertion of Policy condition in Chapter 85 and 94 of ITC (HS), 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy)


1. In exercise of powers conferred by Section 3 of FT (D&R) Act, 1992, read with paragraph 1.02 and 2.01 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-2020, as amended from time to time, the Central Government hereby adds a new policy condition in Chapters 85 and 94 of ITC(HS), 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy).

2. A new policy condition is added as Policy Condition No. 7 in Chapter 85 and Policy Condition No. 1 in Chapter 94 of the ITC(HS), 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy):

"For the LED products and DC or AC supplied control gears for LED modules as notified under the "Electronics and Information Technology goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012", sample(s) will be picked up on random basis from the randomly selected consignments and will be sent to BIS recognized Labs for testing of limited defined non-destructive safety parameters from the IS standard applicable on the product, as identified by MeitY from time to time. Further, for such consignments, clearance would be given by Customs to only those consignments where the randomly selected sample has complied with the requirements of standard for the defined parameters. However, if the sample drawn fails to meet the requirements of standard, such consignment will be sent back or will be destroyed at the cost of importer."

3. Effect of the Notification: A new Policy Condition is added in Chapter 85 and 94 of ITC(HS), 2017, Schedule-I (Import Policy) to enable random sampling of LED products and Control Gear for LED products notified under "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012".

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