4 August 2020


High Court of Punjab and Haryana

Naresh Kumar Sehgal v. Union of India and Ors.




No entertaining of petition by seeker of 'a halo of a persecuted man'

Taking note that the Petitioner had filed 218 petitions before court, with 20 petitions dated 20 August, 2015 alone, the High Court directed the Registry to not entertain further petitions by the Petitioner of the kind he had been filing. The Court observed that the Petitioner filed frivolous petitions 'levelling wild allegations' in the name of public cause and social work.


Moti Lal Songara vs. Prem Prakash @ Pappu and Anr. MANU/SC/0539/2013
M.C.D. vs. State of Delhi and Anr. MANU/SC/0376/2005
Dr. B. Singh vs. Union of India (UOI) and Ors. MANU/SC/0211/2004

Tags : frivolous vexatious litigation barred

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