4 August 2020


High Court of Bombay



Bombay High Court upholds BCCI’s age determination test

While public documents provide a right to vote, travel and open bank accounts, they may not be sufficient to permit playing cricket. A Division Bench of the Bombay High Court mallet-ed home the point “Chronological of birth through public documents cannot provide absolute right for selection in a sports activity”. It refused to interfere with the Board of Cricket Control rules that require a bone test for those aspiring to play in Under-16 (or other age restricted) tournaments.

In an earlier decision, the Delhi High Court had ruled that bone tests for age determination of players for all Under-16 tournaments were not arbitrary, unreasonable or discriminatory. It had noted that the tests, relied on as a method to avoid discrimination between players had been used for several years and the Petitioners in that case had acceded to the same. MANU/DE/3210/2015

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