25 March 2019


High Court of Himachal Pradesh

Bhartiya Govansh Rakshan Sanverdhan Parishad v. The Union of India and Ors.




Affordable housing for cattle put on Government’s plate

The High Court, hearing a matter on housing stray cattle, and the danger they pose by straying onto a highway, directed all Panchayats in the State to implant micro-chips in private and stray cattle to be able to ascertain its owner. It also delved into the matter of animal rights and held that in order to comply with Article 48 of the Constitution the Central Government should consider enacting law “prohibiting slaughtering of cow/calf, import or export of cow/calf, selling of beef or beef products”. It also directed the Central government to provide funds to the State for the housing and provision of fodder for stray cattle.


Gujarat vrs. Mirzapur Moti Kureshi Kassab Jamat and others MANU/SC/1352/2005
Supreme Court Employees' Welfare Association vrs. Union of India and another MANU/SC/0582/1989
Article 48 Constitution of India Act

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