4 August 2020

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Faridabad Bar Association Bars Outstation Lawyers from Appearing in Courts Sans Local Counsel


The District Bar Association of Faridabad has passed a resolution barring all out station advocates from appearing in any court without local counsel. The resolution was passed citing inconvenience caused to lawyers at the Faridabad District Bar who remain uninformed about the matters which adversely affects their work.

“It has been observed by the executive members that advocates appearing from outstations without local counsel cause inconvenience to members of the District Bar Association as the matters go uninformed and the same also results in loss of work to our fellow advocates”, said the resolution. “It has, therefore, been resolved in the executive meeting…that advocates from out stations will not be allowed to appear before any court of law unless accompanied by local counsel,” added the resolution passed by the District Bar Association, Faridabad.

On the right of the Bar Association to pass such a resolution, Secretary of Faridabad District Bar Association, Mr. Joginder Narwat, said that it has the right to do so as it was acting pursuant to the directions of the Supreme Court. It is to be noted that in 2016 the Supreme Court of India, in case of Jamshed Ansari vs. High Court of Judicature at Allahabad and Ors, had upheld the validity of Rules 3 and 3A of the Allahabad High Court Rules, 1952 which says that an Advocate, who is not on the Roll of Advocate or the Bar Council of the State, is not allowed to appear, act or plead in the said Court unless he files an appointment along with the advocate who is on the Roll of such State Bar Council and is ordinarily practicing in that court.

In India, Bar Council of India regulates the legal profession and High Courts are empowered to frame Rules in this regard.

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