23 November 2020

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Quota allotted under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement: Minutes of the Meeting dated 9.5.2018


Reference is invited to the Minutes of the Meeting dated 9.5.2018 under the Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement as uploaded on the DGFT's website (Copy as below). In the matter the following may be noted:

1. Applicants have to complete their import before 31 March, 2019. Accordingly, import license will be issued by RAs with end date 31st March, 2019. The allotted quota, if not imported, the allottees will be black listed for next three financial years. The applicants may surrender their quota by 30th May, 2018 if they cannot utilize the quota. They can surrender their import quota by indicating their details at importdgft@nic.in till 5.00 pm of 30th May, 2015.

2. The surrendered quota will be distributed among eligible applicants.

3. The applicants for Pepper and Vanaspathi may file their grievances, if any on the issue of allotment of quota proposed in the minutes below by 30th May, 2018. This would include all those whose applications were rejected for reasons as mentioned in the minutes as below.

4. Quota quantity (already allotted) may undergo changes after addressing grievances of the individual applicants. RAs are advised to issue licenses only after the revised minutes are uploaded on DGFT's website.

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