10 August 2020

Notifications & Circulars

Ministry of Commerce and Industry



Applicability of provisions of Para 2.20 of HBP, 2015-20 on Advance Authorisations issued under 2009-2014, FTP


1. This office has received a request for clarification regarding the date of applicability of provisions of para 2.20(d) of HBP 2015-20 on the Advance Authorisations issued under FTP, 2009-14.

2. In this regard, it is clarified that Regional Authorities may allow revalidation of Advance Authorisation/DFIA, under the provisions of Para 2.20 of HBP, 2015-2020, which has been amended vide Public Notice 38 dated 9.11.2017, even if Authorisation is issued under FTP, 2009-14 provided conditions stipulated in the said Public Notice are fulfilled.

3. This issues with the approval of DGFT.

Tags : Provisions Applicability Advance Authorisations

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