14 October 2019


Supreme Court

Mohan Singh and Ors. v. The Chairman Railway Board and Ors.



Labour and Industrial

Divisional Railway Manager a 'factory'

The Supreme Court held that a canteen at the Divisional Railway Manager, Moradabad was a 'statutory canteen'. With all requirements of a factory save for 'manufacturing' met, the Court determined repair and maintenance of railways wagons sufficiently constituting manufacturing, and termed the DRM a factory under the Factories Act, 1948. In a plea for absorption, the Court allowed existing staff of the canteen to be regularised with the railway.


M.M.R. Khan v. Union of India MANU/SC/0173/1990
Kamla Devi v. Laxmi Devi MANU/SC/0410/2000
Ardeshir H. Bhiwandiwala v. State of Bombay MANU/SC/0236/1961
Secretary, State of Karnataka v. Uma Devi MANU/SC/1918/2006

Tags : railway factory labour

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