24 June 2019

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OECD global reforms to curb tax avoidance by MNCs

The OECD’s tax reforms, ‘Base Erosion and Profit Shifting’, to help close loopholes that allow companies avoid tax by moving profits to low-tax jurisdictions invited much opprobrium. Among the new rules proposed, is one requiring companies provide a complete break-up of information about every tax regime in which they operate, account for profits in each country and detail how much tax it has paid. OECD estimates place the amount of tax avoided by multi-national companies from such inter-jurisdictional transfer of profits, enabled by ‘treaty shopping’ between US$100 billion and US$240 billion.


Read more about BEPS at oecd.org/ctp/beps-about.htm/

Tags : Oecd tax multi national treaty shopping

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