29 November 2021

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Legislation seems to be the hardest word

With the impending conclusion of the Monsoon Session of the Parliament of India, the inconvenient question of how it bettered the nation for economic activity and social upliftment looms. On 5.8.2015, the tally of legislation passed stood at nought, and was likely to remain so with the Rajya Sabha, being the host to political theatre, likely to stymie efforts. Talk of diluting the Land Acquisition and General Sales Tax Bills, dropping amendments in the Whistleblower Bill only distracts from the hollow silhouette that was the Road Transport and Safety Bill. The chart, compiled by PRS Legislative, may paint a bleak picture for the productivity of the Lok Sabha, but it is bleaker still for the Rajya Sabha (at a heady 7%).

"Been busy much?"


Uncooperative legislatures are not unique to India. Just ask Mr. Obama. Facing, quite literally, a belligerent US Congress (irony abound), the American President resorted to passing Executive Orders, and with good effect. Perhaps, Ordinances will bring respite to a parched statutory framework in India, and return the swagger of the ever-belabored incumbent.

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