14 October 2019

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TRAI releases Recommendations on "Approach towards Sustainable Telecommunications"


1. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has today released its Recommendations on "Approach towards Sustainable Telecommunications".

2. Department of Telecom, vide its communication dated 23.11.2015, has requested TRAI for requisite Recommendations on (i) Methodology of measuring Carbon Emission (ii) Calibration of target for implementation of Renewable Energy Technology (RETs).

3. In order to address the concerns of the stakeholders the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a Consultation paper on 'Approach towards Sustainable Telecommunications' on 16.01.2017. The Consultation paper invited comments and counter comments from stakeholders on many of the significant issues i.e. Methodology of calculation of Carbon Foot Print by various methods, Renewable Energy Targets, Energy Efficiency in Telecom networks. All the comments received from stakeholders were posted on TRAI's website. Subsequently, an Open House Discussion was also held on 05.07.2017 at Delhi.

4. The Authority after carefully examining various issues emanating from the written submissions of the stakeholders, in-house analysis & research arrived at its recommendations.

5. The salient features of the recommendations are:

The formula for calculation of Carbon foot print has been revised.

Only the target for overall Carbon footprint reduction has been recommended and no sub targets for induction of RET has been recommended.

Directives of DoT dated 04.01.2012 has been calibrated and targets for reduction in Carbon Emission has been set as 30% by year 2019-20 and 40% by the year 2022-23 taking base year as 2011-12.

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