1 August 2022


Supreme Court

Union of India (UOI) v. Reliance Industries Limited and Ors.




Supreme Court dismisses UoI plea to hear arbitration dispute with Reliance

Noting the “valiant attempt to reopen a question settled twice over, that is by dismissal of both a review petition and a curative petition on the very ground urged before us, must meet with the same fate” by the Union of India, the Court dismissed its petition on the maintainability of dispute arising out of arbitral proceedings with Reliance. It reiterated its previous ruling that since the seat of arbitration was shifted to London, and the arbitration agreement was governed by English law, India's Arbitration Act, 1996 would not apply.


Bhatia International v. Bulk Trading S.A. and Anr. MANU/SC/0185/2002
National Thermal Power Corporation v. Singer Co. MANU/SC/0146/1993
Venture Global Engineering v. Satyam Computer Services Ltd. and Anr. MANU/SC/0333/2008

Tags : Arbitration jurisdiction

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