15 July 2024


High Court of Allahabad

Executive Engineer Electricity Distribution Division-II v. Chairman Permanent Lok Adalat and Ors.




UPPCL and PVVNL’s administrative apathy chastised in case involving electrocution

In a case questioning Permanent Lok Adalat’s jurisdiction awarding compensation to dependents of a victim who was electrocuted from a high tension falling on him, the Court held that the award of the Lok Adalat was well within its pecuniary limits; and the Adalat was forced by UPPCL and PVVNL to delve into the merits of the matter. The Court added that the Corporations’ roles encompassed social responsibility and noted that rather than pay the modest compensation awarded, UPPCL and PVVNL resorted to extended litigation in a mechanical manner. It awarded costs against the Corporations over and above the compensation awarded by the Permanent Lok Adalat.


Section 22A Legal Services Authorities, 1987 Act Bar Council of India v. Union of India MANU/SC/0614/2012
M.P. Electricity Board v. Shail Kumar and others MANU/SC/0020/2002

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